“PROXY” star Kristina Klebe talks her Serbian film “NYMPH,” with Franco Nero


Currently on screen in Zack Parker’s hard-edged psychothriller PROXY, actress Kristina Klebe recently lensed a more fanciful fright film, the Serbian production NYMPH, co-starring Italian great Franco Nero—who made quite an impression on Klebe during the shoot, as she tells us past the jump.

Originally titled MAMULA and directed by Milan Todorovic from a script by Milan Konjevic (the two previously guided Klebe through ZONE OF THE DEAD) and Barry Keating, NYMPH was lensed in Montenegro and casts Klebe and Natalie Burn as American tourists who discover a deadly mermaid during a Mediterranean vacation. Nero plays Niko, a local fisherman who knows the secrets of the fish-women, and Klebe (also familiar to genre fans from Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN and a recent stint on THE FOLLOWING) tells Fango, “He’s such a good actor, and he’s very old-school. He’s very serious about his job, which is great, because in the school of acting I come from, in the theater, you really put so much into your work.”

The star of countless Italian Westerns, police actioners and other genre fare, most notably in the title role of DJANGO, Nero “put up with a lot,” Klebe recalls. “We were in a tiny, tiny town with about four inhabitants; there was no grocery store, nothing. I was like, ‘Dude, I’ve been here for a month now, and I’m about to go crazy,’ and Franco was luckily there for only about four days. But on two of those days, we lost power and there was no coffee in the morning, which he was definitely upset about, and I was equally upset about.


“But he was so amazing. We shot a lot of the movie on the sea, and while we were doing our three night scenes, all of which he was in, it was storming. We had this big scene in a rowboat that we all had to fit into, and we were rocking so much from one side to the other on the waves, and there was lightning behind us, and we were like, ‘We’re all gonna die!’ The other actor in it was saying, ‘Oh, I’m feeling so sick,’ and he went to his room and didn’t shoot anymore. To give him credit, I’ve never had motion sickness in my life, and I got sick twice on that set as well, so…

“Anyway, Franco still had to do his close-ups because he was leaving the next day. And he sat in the storm with the rain and the lightning getting his shots, and this guy is, like, 72 years old. He’s just incredible—an inspiration, really. I’m so excited that I got some scenes with him, and that movie should be a fun one.” Klebe discusses PROXY in Fango #332, now on sale; check out NYMPH’s trailer below.

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