Preview: Mezco Toyz’s Horror Selection at NY Toy Fair 2016!


While the NY Toy Fair may not be the first placed to come to mind for fright fans, the increased production of horror replicas and freaky figures has made the convention a hot spot for those seeking a first look at chilling collectibles. And for those who couldn’t make it out to the East Coast this winter, FANGORIA has you covered, as we traveled out to Mezco Toyz HQ to see what creepy concoctions the toy company had up their sleeves for the NYTF on February 13th.

The first figures unveiled were the first in their new One12 Collective series of Universal Monster designs, featuring Frankenstein’s Monster in two brand new designs. Featured in black and white as well as in color, these fully-articulated figures come with alternate heads, hands and real fabric clothing. While these bad boys won’t be hitting stores until September 2016, horror hounds can check ‘em out up close and personally at NYTF.

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Next was the massive, 24-inch Gigantor figure, a Mezco Toyz exclusive release set for later this year! Fully articulated, this figure is completely rotocast and has some real weight to it. Expect more information on this release when it comes available.


As the holder of the prized ‘Chucky’ license, Mezco is bringing the miniature murderer in many shapes and sizes to NYTF this year. From articulated 5-inch stylized figures to masks to their first ever “Good Guy” version of Chucky, any fan of the CHILD’S PLAY franchise will find something to love among the eerie ensemble. And even more exciting is Mezco is unveiling the very first talking Tiffany doll, complete with a brand new decor and pre-programmed lines from the film.


Following that was Mezco’s assorted horror section, featuring a roto-plush doll from ANNABELLE as its star attraction. This section also featured a preview of Series 31 of Mezco’s popular Living Dead Dolls as well as a new LDD-design of Sam from TRICK ‘R TREAT. Also revealed as a trio of HELLRAISER releases, including a Living Dead Doll Pinhead, hanging Lament Configuration dice and a brand new puzzlebox, all modeled off of designs from HELLRAISER III.


Last but not least was Mezco’s preview of a newly re-acquired license: BEETLEJUICE! With miniature figures, 8-inch plush releases and stylized collectibles, these toys are not to be missed by fright fans and die-hard BEETLEJUICE lovers alike. Check out the full gallery from Mezco Toyz’s preview below, and keep an eye out for more coverage on Mezco Toyz and the New York Toy Fair 2016 here at FANGORIA.com!

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