“POLTERGEIST” remake casts first lead


Rosemarie DeWitt, who put in fantastic turns in MAD MEN and Lynn Shelton’s YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, will lead Gil Kenan’s upcoming POLTERGEIST redo.

The first to be cast, it also seems the first real dip into outright horror for the actress, aside from Antonio Campos’ tense indie AFTERSCHOOL. In the remake, set to begin production this fall, a family with financial troubles relocate to an “outdated suburban home” and face a violent, angry spirit who takes their youngest daughter.

As previously noted, the “outdated suburban home” description has us questioning whether this will be an EVIL DEAD situation where it serves as remake while alluding to  its place in the same universe as the original films. Sam Raimi is producing. [Deadline]

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  • Johnny

    Another pointless remake. Is it really necessary to keep remaking classic 1980′s horror films? Hollywood doesn’t have any original ideas for horror films anymore. I hope that this remake along with the Carrie remake bombs at the box office. I also hope that the Michael Bay remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crashes and burns at the box office as well. Michael Bay’s films are all garbage. Poltergeist and Carrie and Evil Dead didn’t need to be remade, and neither does Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These films were fine the way that they were. I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree with what I have said. I really don’t care, what anyone else thinks. Stop the remakes and make original horror films.

    • Fritz the Cat

      I agree with you and i stopped paying to see remakes. Although I did see Evil Dead after seeing a bootleg.(I was surprised I liked i)

  • Johnny

    I hope this Poltergeist remake crashes and burns at the box office. No need to keep remaking classic horror films from the 1980′s. It would be nice if Fangoria would do an article about these non stop remakes coming out and asking the fans if they would want to start up a petition to stop Hollywood from ruining classic horror films from the 1970′s and 1980′s. I know that there are fans out there such as myself who are sick of tired of seeing Hollywood ruin films that don’t need to be remade. Poltergeist is a classic , and why does every classic horror film need to keep getting updated? Leave them alone.

  • Fritz the Cat

    Even the remakes I like are pointless because I already know what to expect somewhat. Sure i liked the new Evil Dead, but Conjuring is the one I’ll care about later.

  • Lon Chaney Jr.

    I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at all these remakes. Truly a pathetic time for horror.

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