Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival Presents: “EGOMANIAC” & The Meta Revenge Film!


Horror films have always excelled at exploring the fragility of sanity. No other genre ventures into the unspeakably dark crevices of the human mind with the naked curiosity that horror does. Nor does any genre make the descent into madness as much fun as it is with horror. Enhancing that fun factor is filmmaker Kate Shenton, who marries horror and comedy in her debut fictional film, EGOMANIAC, which will have it’s North American premiere on October 7th during the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival.

In EGOMANIAC, filmmaker Catherine Sweeney is aghast at the hurdles the film industry is placing in front of her. Determined to make a zombie romantic comedy, Sweeney is seeking out funding. But her would-be investors are demanding that she put a talking dog into her film.

Everyone loves talking dogs, they say, which means there’ll be more money to rake in. To get the film done, Sweeney finds herself sacrificing more and more of her creative vision. As she barters away her creative authority, Sweeney finds her directing abilities under scrutiny. No one seems to have confidence in a woman filmmaker trying to make horror. Despite the discouragement, Sweeney is determined to have her film. None of the little things, like losing her mind, are going to stop her from finishing her masterpiece.


Part of the draw of this film is that it’s based on Shenton’s real life experiences. She’s drawn from the crazy, exhausting trials of her own career to create a bleakly hilarious horror-comedy. Shenton told SciFiNow that in some ways, EGOMANIAC is the “ultimate female revenge film.” She portrays the kinds of pressures she’s faced, heaping them upon her poor protagonist, until Catherine Sweeney’s humanity collapses under the weight of it all.

Shenton expresses a reverence for the power of horror films that I think draws so many of us to the genre. She told SciFiNow that she sees horror, as well as comedy, as mediums “where you can really get a point across, where you can really express an important thing that needs to be expressed.” In EGOMANIAC, Shenton harnesses the force of horror to portray the psychological costs of not staying true to yourself.

EGOMANIAC is playing at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival 2016, held from October 6th – 9th; for more information and badges, you can visit their official website HERE.

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Lexi Harrington

Lexi Harrington fell in love with horror after picking up Stephen King’s novel Carrie in middle school. Since then, she’s devoured as many horror movies and horror novels as she can. Lexi even writes about horror at Florida Atlantic University, where she is studying English. She’s also a Vinyasa yoga junky and teacher.

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