“PHANTASM V” Confirmed; First Poster! [UPDATED]


It’s long been desired. It’s long been developed. Now we have the first trace of PHANTASM V. It’s happening, or has it already?

Ain’t It Cool has debuted the first poster for PHANTASM: RAVAGER. Quint, over there, also adds: “…which may be ready for you to see sooner than you think.”

Has director Don Coscarelli secretly shot the fifth, long anticipated PHANTASM film. It would seem so, as Shock Till You Drop has also thrown news in the ring. Their Ryan Turek writes, “I can tell you exclusively that the film has already been shot. That’s the rumbling I had heard for the last year now and recently had confirmed. The whole gang is back, too.”

UPDATE: PHANTASM Archives has stepped forward with additional information regarding PHANTASM: RAVAGER. On Twitter they’ve revealed Coscarelli did not direct the new film, but supervised production under writer/director David Hartman. Online, the site has written a post that includes the following:


  • To reiterate, this project has been filming little by little since 2008.
  • The original working title for several years was “Reggie’s Tales.”
  • The original cast members put in appearances along with some Don Coscarelli regulars.
  • It was partly filmed in Crestline, CA at Reggie Bannister’s own home!
  • Many of the familiar series elements are back… the ‘Cuda and the sphere especially. Oh, yes… there will be blood!

What will it be? I can’t wait to find out. See the poster for PHANTASM: RAVAGER below, and expect more news soon!


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