“PHANTASM: RAVAGER” Trailer Premieres; Coscarelli and Hartman Speak


Almost out of nowhere, the existence of a long-clamored for fifth PHANTASM film was thrust onto the world and into the lives of genre fans. And just as swiftly, the puzzle pieces of this curious sequel started connecting. Titled PHANTASM: RAVAGER, the film is written and directed by David Hartman, a longtime friend of PHANTASM creator and genre legend Don Coscarelli and will feature plenty of returning cast including the requisite Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister, as well as Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Kat Lester. Now, the first footage has debuted and the filmmakers have spoken. Find out what to expect from PHANTASM: RAVAGER, below.

Entertainment Weekly has premiered the first teaser for the fifth film, and spoken to both Coscarelli and Hartman about it. The latter, and writer-director of the first four PHANTASMs, explains, “I felt it was time to let someone else play with my train set. David and I go back to my film Bubba Ho-Tep. He did terrific visual effects on that, and more recently created a wild animated sequence and some amazing visual effects in my most recent film, John Dies at the End. Our aesthetics are in sync and he’s quite an experienced director in his own right.”

Hartman, who shot the film independently for the past two years, adds, “Having worked with Don before, and being a huge fan of the entire Phantasmfranchise, it was a great honor to do Ravager with him. This film is a real turning point in the series. There’s real closure for the core characters that I hope fans will respond to.”

You can respond to the first PHANTASM: RAVAGER trailer below. Head to EW for more from the filmmakers, including Coscarelli’s promise of an extended sequence on the Tall Man’s home world.

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  • http://instantnyc12.tumblr.com/ Terrence Boogie Monster

    Doesn’t look half bad actually!

    • Joe Humphrey

      doesn’t look half good either though.

      • http://instantnyc12.tumblr.com/ Terrence Boogie Monster

        LMAO You’re right about that! Though at the least it looks better than the last one. That was borderline unwatchable.

        • Joe Humphrey

          I wish they’d just gone for the full reboot. Put Clancy Brown in a black suit and get someone in there who knows how to get a good picture out of digital cinema cameras. No disrespect to Don Coscarelli, but this looks like it was shot on video in the 90s.

          • http://instantnyc12.tumblr.com/ Terrence Boogie Monster

            He didn’t even direct this! He’s on as a creative supervisor I believe.

        • Scott Johanson

          I agree, 4 was a little disappointing but viewing the teaser, I FORGIVE HIM

  • http://dementedfilms666.wix.com/michaelmyers Michael Myers

    looks very promising

  • Martin Stich

    I am a huge Fan since the beginning and can`t wait to see it!! What a pleasent Surprise and i hope the Movie is too!! Good Luck to all invovlved

    • Scott Johanson

      I’m sure it will be good, the fourth was a little disappointing and confusing, but I forgive them all. It was worth the wait but I tell you it was a hell of a secret, saying not going to happen etc and WOW there is the teaser and…….we are in for another “good game boyyyyy”.

  • Stephan Segantini



    The giant ball made me want to see it! I really hope this is better than Oblivion. Sure it was interesting, but the flashback footage mostly felt like run time filler….mostly.

    • Dan

      Are you kidding me? The original footage woven into Oblivion was very creative. I think it was easily the best of the series. I am soo looking forward to this Phinal Philm!

  • Brian de Castro

    Awesome, surprising news-trailer looks great! Can’t wait!

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