Paranormal web series “HAUNT ME”, 4th season premieres May 1st!


Although the paranormal web series is already on its fourth season, they have several new, eerie episodes to come in 2017. Since 2012, the HAUNT ME web series team has studied and investigated potentially haunted places, with a primary focus on haunted Maine area locations.

Each team member has a specific skill they bring to the show. Meet the four HAUNT ME team members:

Ashley Brooks, the team leader and historian. She researches the locations and compiles the history and evidence that occurred before we arrive in a location, and then works with the building or homeowners and the Haunt ME team to come up with a suitable plan for gathering information.
Carol Cleveland, the manesologist. Manesologists are paranormal experts that have a wide breadth of knowledge of various types of hauntings. Carol is a seasoned investigator and has investigated in a number of notable locations across the East Coast of the USA.
Ty Gowen, the tech analyst. Ty is our equipment guru, and is always finding new scientific gear to master and utilize in our investigations. His specialty is audio equipment and finding and isolating EVPs, or electric voice phenomena.
Katie Webb, the occultist. Katie is knowledgeable about the occult and metaphysical techniques for contacting spirits. She is a medium and utilizes tarot cards, crystals and various other tools to make contact with spirits.

The new season will take viewers back to 3 fan favorites and most active haunted locations from previous seasons. HAUNT ME is also adding several new locations to their list which includes: a haunted governor’s mansion, the home of Admiral Peary, and an abandon mill.

Check out the exclusive creepy clip for all Season 4 locations below:

Also, watch the EVP session clip from the Admiral Peary Inn with the audio played back in real time!

It seems like the upcoming episodes will be chock-full of spooky locations and paranormal forces. Don’t miss the Season 4 premiere on May 1st! In the meantime, you can watch previous episodes on their Youtube Channel HERE. Be sure to also follow along with the team via Facebook.

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