“OUIJA” Trailer Premieres

Are we actually getting a spooky season at the movies in 2014?

While recent years have seen wide release horror flock to August and January, with whatever PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequel left to pick up Halloween attendance, Fall 2014 seems to have a good deal going for it. As in, there’s something horrific every week. Alexandre Aja’s HORNS has just been announced as a Halloween release, CONJURING spin-off ANNABELLE will hit early October (and a teaser is coming tomorrow), DRACULA UNTOLD is the 17th, and now a trailer has premiered online for the feature debut from Stiles White (co-writer, THE POSSESSION), OUIJA.

In the classic tradition of teens messing around with the beyond, OUIJA sees a group of friends (headed by BATES MOTEL’s Olivia Cooke) attempt to contact a deceased friend with the titular, storied object. As you may guess, something breaks through. What’s more, it’s touting the ominous, but polite, message “Hi Friend.”

Ostensibly, OUIJA has the style of a slick, teen thriller, but the trailer hints at the possibility of something more. Hanging by Christmas lights never goes out of style, and the moment that turns the innocuous, casual gesture of a teenaged eye-roll horrific, I can totally get behind.

OUIJA is out October 25, 2014. Find the trailer, which at first  premiered on the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS social networks, below.

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