On the web: first three minutes of “BIG ASS SPIDER!”, exclusive Blu-ray/DVDetails


Director Mike Mendez tends to begin his films with an attention-grabbing scene set to song, and such is the case with his creature feature BIG ASS SPIDER!, coming to video next month. Check out that opening after the jump; we also got the scoop on the disc details.

BIGASSSPIDERCLIPDETAILSNEWSAvailable on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download January 7 from Epic Pictures, BIG ASS SPIDER! stars Greg Grunberg as an exterminator who teams up with a security guard (Lombardo Boyar) to stop an ever-growing arachnid menace from decimating Los Angeles, and engaging in hilarious banter throughout. Fango got the word that the discs’ anamorphic widescreen transfers will be accompanied by:

• Audio commentary: Grunberg and Boyar tell Mendez how they really feel about him

• Cast interviews

• SXSW featurette

• Theatrical and international trailers

• TV spots

Retail prices are $14.99 for the DVD, $19.99 for the Blu-ray. See our review of BIG ASS SPIDER! here and chats with Mendez here and Grunberg and Boyar here.

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