NYZ Apocalypse, Fringe Immersive Team For Holiday Horror Haunts!


Horror has always been a place to explore (and to some extent, exploit) trends, subjects, and social commentary. By taking all that is sacred and turning it on its head, horror inherently seeks to appeal to those who looking for thrills, on-screen and off. And in terms of the latter, noted haunt provocateur Fringe Immersive and popular Long Island horror hotspot NYZ Apocalypse are coming together for another controversial event, this time looking to bring holiday horror survival experiences!

NYZ and Fringe will first team up for ESCAPE THE DARK: CHRISTMAS EVIL, where groups- armed with only a flashlight- are forced to infiltrate a Krampus-worshipping cult, who have been horribly disfigured by summoning ritual. However, blow your cover and you risk becoming the next sacrifice to the “Cult of Yule.” The next immersive experience from NYZ and Fringe is ESCAPE THE DARK: HORRIBLE HANUKKAH, where you and your team are sent into an abandoned prison to rescue a Rabbi Exorcist from a powerful Dybbuk on the final night of Hanukkah. Armed with your trusty flashlight, your team must save the Rabbi and the possessed girl before you find yourself taken over by the Dybbuk.

“Halloween is no longer a time of year to get scared,” says Fringe Immersive creator Will Puntarich. “You can run an experience like these any time of the year and we have. NYZ is open year round, it’s one of the first interactive theatre experiences on Long Island and now we’re offering more than just zombies.”


Of course, as with all manner of classic X-mas horror, Fringe and NYZ have already received blowback regarding the event. But with the duo having done past events surrounding holidays and sensitive subject matter, including last year’s Santapocalypse, they’re clearly not afraid of a few words.

“I’ve had messages sent to me about canceling the show because it is offensive,” Puntarich confirms. “Christmas is a holy grail to some people, and they’re probably not coming, but if they did, they would see it wasn’t a big deal. They might even, dare I say…have fun?!”

For more information or tickets to either CHRISTMAS EVIL or HORRIBLE HANUKKAH, visit www.nyzapocalypse.com. Stay tuned for more on NYZ Apocalypse and Fringe Immersive at FANGORIA.com!

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Kristen Adelwerth

Kristen is a grad student studying screenwriting in New York, NY. She loves horror movies about dead teens and grew up with an insatiable appetite for bloody slasher flicks. Her favorite film is THE CONDEMNED.

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