NYC! Join the FANGORIA Staff for ’80s Terror at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers on 5/23 + 5/28!


The ’80s was a very special time in horror history; an era where the audacious and ridiculous went hand-in-hand with eerie and creepy cinema. Now, thanks to Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers, FANGORIA will be presenting two of the most fun fright flicks from the ’80s on the big screen to the New York area very soon.

The first comes from FANGORIA’s “Graveyard Shift” screening curator and Managing Editor Michael Gingold, who is teaming with the Yonkers Drafthouse for a very special “Fangoria Presents” screening of Dan O’Bannon’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD on Friday, May 23rd. For those unfamiliar, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is a hilarious and  insane 1985 horror film pitting young street punks against a horde of the undead, and features some of the best zombie SFX ever put to film. Starring Clu Gulager (FEAST), James Karen (MULHOLLAND DRIVE), Linnea Quigley (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) and Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (LEPRECHAUN 4: IN SPACE), RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is balls-to-the-wall, subversive horror and deserves to be seen in theaters. You can watch the trailer below and get tickets here.

Then, FANGORIA’s Web Content Manager Ken W. Hanley will be serving as host for the American Genre Film Archives‘ screening of NEON MANIACS, the bonkers 1986 film that pits vengeful teens against a horde of bloodthirsty, deformed psychopaths. Directed by Joseph Mangine and inexplicably released in the Phillippines as EVIL DEAD WARRIORS, NEON MANIACS is a bloody, synth-heavy slice of genre absurdity, and one that must be seen to be believed. Starring Leilani Sarell (THE HARVEST), Andrew Divoff (WISHMASTER) and Victor Brandt (METALOCALYPSE), you can see the jaw-dropping trailer below. NEON MANIACS will be screened on Wednesday, May 28th, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers and this screening helps support the preservation of obscure, forgotten genre oddities in the AGFA, so get your tickets here.

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