NJ’s Haunted Scarehouse to Offer Cash-Back Escape Room Challenge!


Haunted houses are becoming more interactive, immersive and intense and as that trend grows, haunt owners are looking to pull from urban legends for inspiration. Remember hearing stories growing up that there exists a haunted house that’s in the middle of nowhere, has more than one floor and if you make it out, you get your money back? It exists and it’s in New Jersey, but there is a catch….

The Haunted Scarehouse of Wharton, NJ has a sinister story surrounding its property, and owner Steve Bailey is tying the history and theme of his haunted attraction to a chance to win tickets to their next event or your money back. All you have to do is find a key and rescue a scientist sent back in time to investigate the murders committed by the Hayden family, the murderous group that The Haunted Scarehouse is based on. 

“Anyone can make it to the end of a haunted house so, using the history of the property and urban legends about a haunted house that gives you your money back at the end-if you make it there, we’re changing that legend. For the first time, The Haunted Scarehouse is offering the chance to win either tickets to our events or the price of a ticket back to the consumer, should they find a key, rescue the scientist and win,” said Steve Bailey, Owner of The Haunted Scarehouse.

The Haunted Scarehouse continues to push the envelope with their escape rooms, interactive haunt experiences and their coming up off season events in November and December. The Haunted Scarehouse opens September 23rd and tickets can be purchased online HERE,

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