“NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT” To Premiere at SpectreVision’s SpectreFest 2014

SpectreVision, the genre-focused production company headed by Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood has a grand sort of mission. Outside of ushering in exciting new horror (like this fall’s stellar A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT and more), they’ve made their love and support of the genre’s past, present, future and exhibition clear with SpectreFest, a Los Angeles-based fall festival of film, music and live events. Newly announced is the lineup for SpectreFest’s second edition, likely to overwhelm Angelenos highly anticipating autumn and its vibe.

Running September 4th-October 31st at the CineFamily, SpectreFest 2014 will host L.A. screenings of acclaimed festival hits like THE BABADOOK (with a sleepover post-film!) and THE GUEST; repertory screenings featuring the World Premiere of Clive Barker’s Director’s Cut of NIGHTBREED, THE GOLEM with live accompaniment and GREMLINS; TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE live with Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid; an ongoing exhibition of Clive Barker’s notebooks and more!

Find the full release, with SpectreFest’s schedule of films and events, below. Quick highlights and recommendations: THE GUEST, THE BABADOOK, HOUSEBOUND, ultra strange nature doc THE CREEPING GARDEN and TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE Live.

For tickets and more, visit SpectreFest.

SpectreFest returns to Los Angeles on September 4th to kick off two months of special programming to showcase a
diverse selection of genre film and music, it was announced by SpectreVision partners Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller.

“We’re so excited by how much SpectreFest has grown since its humble beginnings last year,” says Noah. “We’re
showcasing new films and old, music, theater, art, and so many special guests. In the great company of Beyond Fest and the excellent October programming at the New Beverly, L.A. is quickly becoming the place to be for lovers of the macabre arts during the Fall season.”

Once again, in partnership with Cinefamily, SpectreFest 2014 will host the Los Angeles premieres of a number of films, with appearances by stars and filmmakers, including such acclaimed titles as The Babadook, Open Windows, Drafthouse Films’ Nacho Vigalondo shorts program Confetti of the Mind, Kevin Smith’s Tusk, Housebound, the double feature of Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, and the documentary The Creeping Garden, among many others. The festival kicks off on September 4th with director Adam Wingard’s The Guest, starring Dan Stevens and Ethan Embry.

SpectreFest will also be the site of the world premiere of Clive Barker’s director’s cut of Nightbreed, with a rare appearance by the writer/director, along with a special Show and Tell presentation by Barker, sharing items from his personal collection of ephemera. In addition, there will be an ongoing exhibition of highlights from Barker’s private notebooks, featuring early drawings that led to some of his most iconic works.

Cartoon impresario Jerry Beck will host an evening of specially chosen vintage cartoons with the program Spooktacular With Jerry Beck.

Music will continue to be a prominent part of SpectreFest 2014. Acclaimed Synth master Chrome Canyon will return for a reprise of last year’s sold-out live score to the classic silent film Metropolis. Polish electroacoustic composer/performer Jacaszek will make his SpectreFest debut with a live performance to accompany the screening of the 1920 horror masterpiece The Golem. Also featured will be the L.A. edition of the live radio play series Tales From Beyond the Pale hosted by horror icons Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid, and featuring a surprise cast of local guest stars.!

The festival will also feature the 30th Anniversary screening of Gremlins, featuring the original preview cut of the film. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion led by director Joe Dante and other key players on the events that led to the creation of the PG-13 rating.

SpectreFest 2014 will culminate with the L.A. premiere of The Babadook. As a celebration of things that go bump in the night, The Babadook will be followed by a sleepover marathon of kinder-carnage and childhood haunts, plus other surprise events.

9/4 Opening Night Event – THE GUEST (dir. Adam Wingard) Scheduled to attend: Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett

9/16 TUSK  (dir. Kevin Smith) (co-presented by Fantastic Fest) Guest: Kevin Smith

9/18 HOUSEBOUND (dir. Gerard Johnstone)

9/25 WHITE SHADOW (dir. Noaz Deshe) Guest: Noaz Deshe

9/30 THE GOLEM with live score by Jacaszek

10/4 CONFETTI OF THE MIND (co-presented by Fantastic Fest) and OPEN WINDOWS (dir. Nacho Vigalondo) Guests: Elijah Wood, Nacho Vigalondo

10/9 DEAD SNOW 1 & 2 (dir. Tommy Wirkola) Guests: Martin Starr, Jocelyn DeBoer, Tommy Wirkola

10/10 THE CREEPING GARDEN (dir. Tim Grabham, Jasper Sharp)

10/16 NIGHTBREED Director’s cut (dir. Clive Barker) Guest: Clive Barker

10/23 METROPOLIS  with live score by Chrome Canyon!

10/25 Spooktacular with Jerry Beck

10/29 TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE Guests: Larry Fassenden, Glenn McQuaid!

10/30 Gremlins 30th Anniversary (dir. Joe Dante) followed by PG-13 panel. Guest: Joe Dante

10/31 THE BABADOOK (dir. Jennifer Kent)

Ongoing: Clive Barker notebooks exhibition

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