Refn “BRINGING” Cecil Hotel Horror to the Big Screen


Nicolas Winding Refn just might be turning his eye to pure horror. A noted fan of genre (he’s producing the MANIAC COP remake and can be found on the new SNUFF Blu singing the film’s praises), Refn’s often violent, nightmarish cinema has brushed right up against our bounds. Thrilling then, he’s apparently sought out directing duties on THE BRINGING, a script initially inspired by the viral video of a young woman in a strange elevator, who was later found dead in a Los Angeles hotel water tower.

Saddled with a goofy title, THE BRINGING is very loosely based on the below video, which found the now deceased Elisa Lam acting immensely strange in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, a place known for brushes with infamous activity (like that of Richard Ramirez and Vienna Strangler Jack Unterweger). The video captured a ton of attention as Lam was later discovered dead in the hotel’s water tower. Deadline reports, “The script (penned by Brandon and Phillip Murphy) has nothing really to do with that that tragedy but it created a germ of an idea focusing on a man investigating a death at the hotel, and the nightmare he stumbles into.”

No word on how this affects Refn’s other developing horror film, the female-centric I WALK WITH THE DEAD.

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