New York! Celebrate Halloween with Nitehawk, Fango and an All-Night Movie Marathon!

This Halloween, we’re living the dream. Nitehawk Cinema’s Caryn Coleman and Kris Kring, and FANGORIA’s Samuel Zimmerman are packing a movie theater full of costumed bodies for five movies and a ton of fun in between including short films, trivia, contests and Nitehawk’s delicious menu on tap.

So, what’s the plan?

A Nite to Dismember is Nitehawk’s first overnight screening event celebrating a genre near-and-dear to our hearts…HORROR! Join us and our hosts Sam Zimmerman from Fangoria and Nitehawk’s own Kris Kring on Halloween night (10pm until 8am) as we show five horror cinema classics that each touch upon well-loved themes: the werewolf, the witch, the vampire, the slasher, and the zombie. Interspersed between each film will be Nitehawk produced montages, costume contests, trivia, and other grindhouse throwbacks. Plus, our bar will be open really late and will feature cocktails like THERE WILL BE BLOOD and GORILLA CARNAGE. AND you get free popcorn, coffee, and self-serve breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon) in the morning!

Forget trick-or-treating, spend the nite with us!

So, what’s playing?

FILMS (in order of screening)…


• BURN, WITCH, BURN (Sidney Hayers, 1962). 35mm.

• FRIGHT NIGHT (Tom Holland, 1985). DCP.

• THE BURNING (Tony Maylam, 1981). 35mm.

• DAWN OF THE DEAD of the Dead (George Romero, 1978). Digital.

The madness gets underway Halloween night at 10 p.m. For much more, including tickets, head to Nitehawk’s official HQ, where you can also read the first in a series in anticipation of our special night, detailing our favorite scenes from each film!

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