New “UNFRIENDED” Poster, Trailer Comes Online


If you were among those at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, or if you’re just a loyal FANGORIA reader, you’re likely familiar with Levan Gabriadze’s UNFRIENDED (f/k/a CYBERNATURAL), the webcam horror film that brings the supernatural revenge movie to the digital age. While webcam horror isn’t necessarily brand new, as no less than two 2014 releases did the same with OPEN WINDOWS and THE DEN while the subgenre was also explored in the first V/H/S movie, UNFRIENDED seems to offer a new spin on the conceit by implementing a pick-’em-off structure and a possession angle that has earned the film a wide release this April. And for those who are unfamiliar with the whole affair, Universal has just release the newest poster and trailer for UNFRIENDED to catch you up to speed.

With audiences still gravitating towards the haunting movie mold as the genre tries to find footing elsewhere, it’s no surprise UNFRIENDED has been given such a confident hand by Universal. It’s tapping into social media in a way that no horror film has effectively done so, and even manages to slip in a couple of interesting criticisms about the digital age among the annoying necessities of exploring said gimmick. In any case, the Timur Bekmambetov-produced film earned raves from across the board, including FANGO’s own Michael Gingold, and will hopefully help usher in a stronger year for studio horror than 2014. You can see the poster below, and you can see UNFRIENDED in theaters on April 17th from Universal Pictures.


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