New Trailer, Poster: Festival Award-Winning Suspense Thriller “KILD TV”


Earlier this year, FANGORIA offered up the first word on KILD TV, the new suspense thriller from FX guru Michael Muscal (BRIDE OF CHUCKY) and filmmaker William Collins that won big at Chicago’s HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival. Now, FANGORIA has the latest terrifying trailer and poster for this bloody horror romp, which is now available on Amazon, Google Play, Playstation Store and iTunes!

Starring D.C. Douglas in an award-winning turn as “Dr. Perseco,” here’s the official synopsis for KILD TV…

The crew of a local horror movie showcase is used to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, but tonight, they are the story, trapped at their station with a real killer among them.


If you’re dying to see this fright flick on the big screen, don’t fret: horrorheads can check it out this weekend at the Crimson Screen Film Festival at Charleston, SC, while the film will also be screening at Crypticon in Seattle later this month. And if the trailer didn’t do the trick, check out what critics have said about the horror offering…

“KILD TV is exactly what the great majority of horror fans want in a horror film …” – Horror Hound

“Blood, guts, and boobs. KILD TV is B-­Movie fun!” – iHorror.com

“The film has it all: dark humor, grisly gore, and even an intriguing thriller of a mystery.” – Hellnotes.com

“The FX were brutal and gruesome, both the on­screen kills and the aftermath of the off­screen ones — it will be most pleasing to the gorehounds out there.” – Leglesscorpse.com

“KILD TV is one movie (and one channel) that I’d be willing to tune in again for some reruns… Recommended.” – Dread Central

For more information on KILD TV, or to pick up a copy of their 4K-mastered Blu-ray or limited edition DVD of the film (while supplies last!), you can check out the film’s official website HERE. You can also check out FANGORIA’s review for the film HERE, and stay tuned for much more on KILD TV here at FANGORIA.com!


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