New Poster: Rose Leslie-Starring “HONEYMOON”

A wild poster that’s incongruous to the movie itself is practically in line with horror history. So, where did this new art for HONEYMOON go wrong?

HONEYMOON, the debut feature from Leigh Janiak, is an eerie  indie about the breakdown of a marriage mere days after it’s started. Rose Leslie, of GAME OF THRONES, and Harry Treadaway, of PENNY DREADFUL, star as Bea and Paul, whose idyllic eponymous getaway descends into mistrust and horror when Bea is discovered out in the woods late one night.

What exactly was she doing? Why is she acting so strange? These two questions drive the largely understated film, which is effective mostly through deceitful exchanges and takes its time getting to the stranger, more visceral shocks. Which are certainly not as garish as the first theatrical poster for the film, released in anticipation of a September 12th release in theaters and on demand.

The poster’s concept is intriguing, a potentially thrilling image that makes great use and reference to Leslie’s eye-catching red hair. But that contorted hand, so recalling of bad possession films (which isn’t what’s happening)? What about that over-large, center positioning, typical of films that are VODumped? Never mind something that’s tonally appropriate, HONEYMOON just deserves better.

Find the piece, which the good folks at Complex premiered, and a clip below.



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