New exclusive photos: “FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE”


We last reported about the forthcoming web series TSUKIKO’S CURSE, based on the sexy succubus feature film, here, and now some new exclusive pics have come down as it gets closer to premiering. See ’em, along with the latest trailer, after the jump.

TSUKIKO’S CURSE expands on the storyline of Terry M. West’s 2003 feature about paranormal investigators encountering flesheating vixens in an old mansion. The series focuses on a new team (1st photo below) looking into assorted occult cases: Maho Honda (2nd photo) as the psychic Tsukiko, Patrick Daniel Smith as skeptical scientist Parsons and Charlotte Pines as new-age mystic Fortune. The 30-minute episodes, written and directed by Carl Morano, confront the trio with assorted strange characters and gruesome/erotic situations. Find out more at the official website and Facebook page.








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  • Mod

    Why? WHY? For the love of God does the acting have to be so bad? I LOVE low budget horror indie flicks but the acting should be the easiest part of film making, it’s not rocket science people. Most, if not all of these low-bugdets never are watched due to bad acting-it turns us off-no matter how good the script, plot or directing is, period.

    • Peter Iasillo Jr.

      BOO! Why don’t you wait to see the film before you start judging the actors.

  • Peter Iasillo Jr.

    Hey Horror Fans … I’m Peter Iasillo, Jr. and I play the mysterious Minister in

    “FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE”. You can also catch me in Gabe Bartalos’s upcoming surreal horror fantasy “SAINT BERNARD” as the gruesome, wine drinking “The Chief”. I also appear alongside Warwick Davis in Gabe’s SKINNED DEEP. I’m proud to be a member of the horror movie community and have been acting in horror films since SPOOKIES, STREET TRASH, IGOR AND THE LUNATICS and George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD. Thanks, Fango, for helping to promote this series.

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  • marypoppings

    I think the acting is great. It’s supposed to be the way it is. Trailer is looking AMAZING

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