Netflix Orders 12-Episode Third Season of Anthology Show “BLACK MIRROR”


Outside of the little-film-that-could known as IT FOLLOWS, was there any genre phenomenon this year that hit the zeitgeist as hard as Charlie Brooker’s BLACK MIRROR? Granted, the series has been buzzing among Brits and the more vigilant viewers for the past four years, but this twisted contemporary take on a TWILIGHT ZONE-esque anthology hit U.S. audiences like a brick wall when Netflix secured the exclusive streaming rights to the series. Now, Netflix and Charlie Brooker are taking BLACK MIRROR to the next level, as Variety has confirmed that Netflix has commissioned a 12-episode third season of BLACK MIRROR to begin production in the UK later this year.

As a fan of the series, this is undoubtedly good news; the show can be genuinely terrifying at times, and almost always is intense and tragic on a fundamental level. The show is keeping the same creative staff, as Brooker and co-showrunner Annabel Jones will oversee all 12 episodes, which is in fact double of what the series has already produced previously. Furthermore, Netflix has the budget and lack of restrictions that should allow for BLACK MIRROR to retain Brooker’s biting edge and massive imagination.

But even beyond the content of the excellent show, this news presents a very relieving fact in that Netflix is taking stock of what works for their product. For the longest time, horror fans have turned to Netflix to watch the latest independent horror films, unaware that these films don’t profit from streaming but are rather included as a part of licensing deals. This practice, while fruitful to fans, has been a bit damaging to indie horror distributors and fright filmmakers, and while Netflix could learn from the hundreds of thousands (if not more) who watch these films by producing content with those production entities, they instead chose to produce a $60 million World War II movie with A-list star Brad Pitt. However, Netflix bringing BLACK MIRROR back to life is a brilliant step in the right direction to making good to their genre-oriented audience, and hopefully will lead the way to more horror properties reviving under their massive banner.

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