“NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES”, “NOCTURNA” Scare Up October Releases


‘Tis the season to be scary, and with Halloween quickly approaching, Hollywood Media Bridge production company promises to deliver gory tricks and treats right to your door.  This October, genre fans can look forward to two new fright flicks set in the voodoo capital of America, New Orleans, Louisiana.  With a V.O.D. release date of October 6th, both the vampire mindbender NOCTURNA and the apocalyptic NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES are filled with suspense, horror, and lots of blood; a perfect kick-start to the horror holiday season.

First up is NOCTURNA. Directed by Buz Alexander and starring Mike Doyle (THE INVITATION), Estella Warren (PLANET OF THE APES), Johnathon Schaech (RAY DONOVAN) and Massimo Dobrovic (ABSOLUTION), tells the story of two Louisiana Detectives caught in the middle of a century old feud between a clan of vampires, while working on the disappearance of a young child. This stylish take on the vampire genre looks visually striking, hauntingly memorable, and beautifully disturbing.

However, if vampires aren’t your forte, then make sure to check out NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES, directed by Scott Barrett, and yes, the title says it all. Also featured is NOCTURNA star Massimo Dobrovic, alongside Rick Fox (OZ), Stephanie Honore (LEFT BEHIND) and Michael Dudikoff (AMERICAN NINJA), as SEALs who must stop a gruesome horde of zombies from consuming all of New Orleans. This film has it all: non-stop action, fun special effects, and gallons of brain splattering gore.

So, whether you obsess over vampires or you’re a zombie fanatic, NOCTURNA and NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES are a sure way to appease the monster in all of us. Make sure to watch the trailer for NOCTURNA HERE and NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES HERE. Also, for more information on NOCTURNA, you can visit the page for distributor Alchemy while more information on NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES can be found via distributor Anchor Bay.

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