Mutants of Melbourne: Director Rob Taylor Crowdfunds Splatter Throwback, “HUMAN GARBAGE”

Inspired by the likes of Peter Jackson’s splatterfest BAD TASTE, J. Michael Muro’s wonderfully grotesque STREET TRASH and Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma favorite THE TOXIC AVENGER, Melbourne-based independent filmmaker (and board member of local film society Cinemaniacs) Rob Taylor is knee deep in blood and guts working on 80s-style gore-soaked satirical horror flick, HUMAN GARBAGE.

Much like George A. Romero’s masterpiece DAWN OF THE DEAD, Taylor says that “the film is all about the excesses of consumerism and is a direct tribute to all the B-horror films I’ve loved growing up, watching on VHS.”

Taylor, along with partner Keely Macey (another board member of Cinemaniacs) are long time VHS collectors and have already weaved together a trailer for their movie monstrosity. Macey herself performs in the trailer. Premiering at the Cinemaniacs screening of the Mike Hodges/Don Taylor hit DAMIEN OMEN 2, this snippet of what is to come from HUMAN GARBAGE has an authenticity to it that is completely faithful to the product Taylor and his team are paying tribute to. On top of that, judging from the electricity and energy in this short, this film will totally hold up on its own for audiences who either want to see the product as a standalone untarnished b y expectations, or an audience who is unaware of the films that it pays homage to. Taylor has a natural gift of capturing the fun and frivolity of 80s splatter films and his special effects team, headed by local artist Damian Scott, is astoundingly good.

Taylor explains, “The film tells the story of a trio of junkies who mess up a batch of meth when engine oil and fly spray are added to the mix. The leftovers are thrown into the garbage where a homeless man eats it, turning into a mutated beast who goes on a killing spree around town!”

The feature screenplay is still in development and Taylor and his team have launched a crowdfunding campaign to realize HUMAN GARBAGE. Find the pitch video as well as the full teaser, below. If you’d like to help, visit IndieGoGo.

About the author
Lee Gambin

Lee Gambin is a Melbourne, Australia based playwright, screenwriter, film and theatre essayist and journalist. He has been working as a writer for Fangoria magazine since 2008. He has worked in independent theatre for many years as well as Artistic Director of his own independent theatre company. His rock musical OH THE HORROR! was a major success in its initial workshop run in 2009. He has lectured for numerous film societies and film festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival. Gambin runs Cinemaniacs, a film society in Melbourne that present genre favorites. Gambin’s play KING OF BANGOR was published by Stephen King associative publishing house The Overlook Connection and MASSACRED BY MOTHER NATURE: EXPLORING THE NATURAL HORROR FILM, a film analysis book, is published by Midnight Marquee Press and has had widely positive reviews.

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