“MURDER-SET-PIECES”, More Set for FANGORIA’s Free Hulu Channel!


If you’ve been following Fangoria’s Stream to Scream column, you’ve been seeing the variety of great titles available at the FANGORIA Hulu Channel. And in our pursuit to offer different and brutal content that fans expect out of FANGORIA, we are adding several new titles this month from the Lionsgate horror archives, including cult classics and one of the most brutal mainstream releases ever produced!

Our first addition this month is MURDER-SET-PIECES,  the controversial 2004 film from Nick Palumbo that redefined the torture porn genre after shocking the Sitges Film Festival. For those unfamiliar, MURDER-SET-PIECES follows a Las Vegas photographer who uses his vocation to fuel his voyeuristic need to torture and kill.


Starring Sven Garrett (FINAL ENGAGEMENT), Gunnar Hansen (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE), Cerina Vincent (CABIN FEVER) and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), MURDER-SET-PIECES also provoked one of FANGORIA Radio’s most memorable on-air incidents when director Palumbo verbally sparred with host Dee Snider over the filmmakers use of Nazi imagery in the film. And now, you can see the film for yourself- FOR FREE- on FANGORIA’s Hulu Channel, which you can view at the link above or in the player below. So check out the film and keep an eye out for more additions to the FANGORIA Hulu Channel later this month!

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