Monsters, mayhem and mystery come to life in “CYKO-KO: A COMIC BOOK ADVENTURE YOU CAN COLOR!”


Heads up, comic book fans! There’s a new comic book in town..one that you can make your very own. “CYKO-KO: A COMIC BOOK ADVENTURE YOU CAN COLOR” starts its Kickstarter journey today and there are tons of sweet rewards for helping get this project off the ground. The book will hit shelves September 1st via Alterna Comics, but pre-orders are already available on Amazon HERE.

For those unfamiliar, you can catch up with CYKO-KO via its free episodes on Webtoons.com HERE! Travel with him in the new comic coloring book, but reader beware – he’s notorious for getting caught up in all sorts of mayhem. Check out the eerie adventure to come:

It’s time for the quinquennial Surf-Off at Surf City and Cyko KO (pronounced Psycho-Kay-Oh), Peachy Keen, and Meemop are on their way for a much-needed vacation! But wait—how the shazbot is it that the van broke down in the spooky sector of Creep City? With nowhere to go, they decide to trek to Uncle Space Toaster’s haunted house for a night of monsters, mayhem and mystery! Cyko KO is an infectiously fun character that is great for kids and adults of all ages.

As a treat for the upcoming release, we’ve got a few FREE printable pages to hold you over!

If you enjoy the free pages, toss a few bucks via Kickstarter HERE to help CYKO-KO get through his next bizarre journey!

For more info and content, visit CYKO-KO.com or keep up with him via Facebook and Twitter.

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