Mondo Reveals “SHINING” Apparel in Ultra Neat MONDO 237 Collection


Mondo, the collectible arts arm of the Alamo Drafthouse has made a name for itself with custom, often stunning and officially licensed poster art that sells out fast. Of course, they’ve moved into Vinyl and VHS since, but the lauded company got its start with apparel. Getting back to its roots, with some of the limited, singular flair they’ve acquired since, Mondo presents MONDO 237, a line of knitwear and home accessory emblazoned with every horror fan’s favorite carpet pattern. 

From the Overlook to your dome, neck, chest and floor, MONDO 237 allows you to drape yourself in THE SHINING, and it’s rad. The collection, a collaboration with Middle of Beyond, comes with a Knit Sweater, a Cardigan, Knit Scarf, Ski Mask and two pieces to truly make your home feel like the seminal haunted hotel: a doormat and area rug. Prices range from $35 for the Ski Mask to $300 for the legendary rug and all items are currently available for pre-order through May 10. Each is manufactured to order and expected to ship in late August.

To order from MONDO 237, head right here. See the lineup and promo shots, below.

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