Macabre Manga: “BLOOD-C”, “OVER THE GARDEN WALL” Second Series Announced


In preparation for the arrival of 2016, Dark Horse comics has made several new additions to their already booming manga line. Among the announced is a continuation of the one of the biggest vampire horror titles to grace both the Eastern and Western shores: BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE and its offshoot, BLOOD-C.

Titled BLOOD-C: DEMONIC MOONLIGHT, this spin-off manga will pay homage to the original series while also presenting a brand new story in the form of a prequel. For those not initiated into the demonic rites of this stellar work, BLOOD-C was originally created as a companion to the BLOOD movie series, which focused on a young vampire hunter named Saya as she hacked and slashed her way through nasty blood-suckers in the foul year of our Lord 1966. BLOOD-C takes a lighter tone on the heavy movies and presents Saya in her early days of vampire hunting. Both have inspired numerous movies, shows, and even video games.

BLOOD-C: DEMONIC MOONLIGHT will once again bring readers to 1940’s Japan as an American military investigator travels to Yokoyama to investigate a series of bizarre deaths. He soon meets a mysterious man with a sword who is also intent on solving these murders and quickly learns that perhaps something much more sinister is behind these killings. The work is scheduled for release in May. For new readers who are interested in the series but don’t know where to start, Dark Horse has a handy chart that explains the ins and outs of the various series and has translated all the necessary works. Check out their website for more details.


In other news, BOOM! Studio’s all-ages imprint, KaBOOM!, has announced a second story arc for their family friendly, dark fantasy cartoon-turned-comic, OVER THE GARDEN WALL. Following the success of the first mini-series in late 2015, the work will once again feature the two brother protagonists, Wert and Greg, as they trapeze through the mysterious land known simply as The Unknown. It will explore other characters in its world as they explore the mysterious land. While the newest addition will not include the series creator Patrick Hale, it will be helmed by show writer Amalia Levari and comic writer Jim Campbell.

Fans might remember this series as an Autumn cartoon staple for the past two years on Cartoon Network. As stated, OVER THE GARDEN WALL focused on the brothers, accompanied by a talking blue bird named Beatrice and a frog named Jason Funderburker as they search for a witch who can send the two boys home. Of course, the place is filled to the brink with bizarre creatures and fantastic adventures for both the viewers and the heroes to explore. The new series promises to deliver even more of the same and with a stellar crew behind it, will delight the inner weird child in all of us.

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