Los Angeles! Producer’s Cut of “HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS” Screening this Weekend


Though he discontinued the actual act of watching a Horror Movie A Day, Badass Digest writer and Fango contributor Brian Collins does keep the spirit alive with monthly screenings at Los Angeles’ great New Beverly Cinema. While the Saturday midnights are often good picks and accompanied by special guests, this month’s truly presents a great, rare opportunity. A 35mm print of HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, The Producer’s Cut.

The sixth film in the beloved series—possibly none more so than by Collins himself—HALLOWEEN 6 (AKA Paul Rudd’s first film) was mangled in post, reshot and re-edited, which resulted in a compromised vision. In the years after its release, a bootlegged copy of its original cut (the “Producer’s Cut”) has circulated endlessly at conventions and festivals and online, rounding out the story and presenting more of Donald Pleasence’s final performance. The caveat here being of course that at best, the quality of the Cut is passable.

That will change for one lucky audience tomorrow night. As Collins explains at BAD, “…incidentally as soon as I announced the screening someone asked ‘Producer’s cut?’. It wasn’t fun letting that guy (or the many others who asked) down, but as far as I knew there was no 35mm print of that version, and there’s no way in hell I would want to show one of those blurry ass bootlegs off a DVD. At best I hoped maybe [writer Daniel] Farrands would have some new info to share during our pre-movie Q&A. But then, just this week, Farrands and producer Malek Akkad sprung a surprise on me – they had a 35mm print of the original cut! As far as we know, it’s only shown that one time for the test screening (and perhaps again for the cast and crew who saw their work otherwise mangled by the studio), so this is a HUGE ‘get’ and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it on the big screen in 35mm. No, it doesn’t mean that the film will be getting a DVD/Blu-ray release for sure, but it’s certainly a big step forward, as the studio had to sign off on us showing it and they were totally cool with it.”

Is this the work of Thorn?

HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, The Producer’s Cut screens Saturday, October 26 at midnight at the New Beverly Cinema. Collins will host, with Farrands set to appear. For more, see the poster by Jacopo Tenani created for the event and head to Brown Paper Tickets for admission.


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