Los Angeles! Cinefamily’s United States of Horror midnight series begins tonight!


In October 2012, L.A.’s storied Cinefamily made me ache from the East Coast as they rolled out a Video Nasty each midnight of October. This year, they’re again blowing minds, cinematically touring this great nation (and maybe in such gruesome fashion they sparked a government shutdown), highlighting all manner of genre filmmaking in many corners of the U.S. Undisputed classics, regional oddities and holy shit rarities (prints of WHITE OF THE EYE and DEATH BED!) are on deck. Find the full lineup below, and go because I can’t.

“…it’s a cross-country death trip,” so says the theater, “with each night celebrating a different state of the Union, and regional horror filmmaking of all stripes. Whether it’s unknown directors toiling away on backyard labors of love, or itinerant auteurs falling in love with and shooting an unfamiliar landscape as if it was their own, this series’ thirty entries provide a vibrant overview of our nation’s hidden horror history.”

You can find an elaborate, detailed home base for THE UNITED STATES OF HORROR at the Cinefamily site. Below, you’ll see the titles and dates in full! Anything you’re particularly excited for? ABBY, SHAKMA, HEX and THE MANITOU seem like musts.



Tuesday, Oct. 1st, midnight – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Equinox

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, midnight – ARIZONA: White of the Eye (producer Brad Wyman in person!)

Thursday, Oct. 3rd, midnight – NEVADA: Tremors

Friday, Oct. 4th, midnight – NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: The Manitou

Saturday, Oct. 5th, midnight – OREGON: Just Before Dawn

Sunday, Oct. 6th, midnight – IDAHO: The Being

Monday, Oct. 7th, midnight – UTAH: Troll 2

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, midnight – NEBRASKA: Hex (composer Charles Bernstein in person!) Wednesday, Oct. 9th, midnight – KANSAS: Carnival of Souls

Thursday, Oct. 10th, midnight – MISSOURI: Ernest Scared Stupid

Friday, Oct. 11th, midnight – KENTUCKY: Abby

Saturday, Oct. 12th, midnight – ILLINOIS: Bleeding Skull presents Chester Turner, LIVE (feat. “Black Devil Doll From Hell” & “Tales From The Quadead Zone”)

Sunday, Oct. 13th, midnight – MICHIGAN: Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Monday, Oct. 14th, midnight – OHIO: Homebodies

Tuesday, Oct. 15th, midnight – PENNSYLVANIA: Martin

Wednesday, Oct. 16th, midnight – MASSACHUSETTS: The House By The Cemetery

Thursday, Oct. 17th, midnight – VERMONT: Dark August

Friday, Oct. 18th, midnight – UPSTATE NEW YORK: Last House on Dead End Street


Frank Henenlotter’s NYC classic, “BASKET CASE”

Saturday, Oct. 19th, midnight – NEW YORK CITY: Basket Case

Sunday, Oct. 20th, midnight – NEW JERSEY: The Deadly Spawn

Monday, Oct. 21st, midnight – MARYLAND: The Alien Factor

Tuesday, Oct. 22th, midnight – GEORGIA: Squirm

Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 10PM – FLORIDA: Shakma + Shock Waves

Thursday, Oct. 24th, midnight – MISSISSIPPI: If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

Saturday, Oct. 26th, midnight – TENNESSEE: The Evil Dead

Sunday, Oct. 27th, midnight – ARKANSAS: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Monday, Oct. 28th, midnight – TEXAS: Eaten Alive

Tuesday, Oct. 29th, midnight – COLORADO: Endangered Species

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, midnight – NEW MEXICO: The Brotherhood of Satan

Thursday, Oct. 31st, midnight – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Chopping Mall (director Jim Wynorski in person!)

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