London, England: Exclusive Fango Offer to See Composer Simon Boswell Live!

Wetting his beak in new wave pop and classic Italian exploitation film, progressing to rich evocative scores for the likes of Richard Stanley and Alejandro Jodorowsky to making music for the Pope (!), no other composer has had as bizarre and fascinating a professional journey as British musician Simon Boswell. And now, after a few false starts, Boswell is treating the good people of London to a full-blown live show this week on Thursday, October 2nd at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

Along with his musical group ‘the And’, he joins forces with video artist extraordinaire, David Altwege and takes his audience to the farthest galaxies of sound and vision. The show will be a unique experience encompassing Simon’s rock, electronic and orchestral work from movies like HARDWARE, PHENOMENA, SANTA SANGRE, SHALLOW GRAVE, STAGE FRIGHT, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, DEMONS II and PHOTOGRAPHING FAIRIES.

FANGORIA has an exclusive offer for our British readers to see the show this week. Regular tickets are £18.00 + £2.00 Booking Fee. But the Fango discount will allow fans to see the show for £10.00 + £1.00 Booking Fee.

Simply head to Leicester Square Theatre and enter the promo code ‘theAnd’. For more on the remarkable Simon Boswell, head to his official site.

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