Lee Hardcastle crowdfunding claymation horror feature, “SPOOK TRAIN”


Animator and Director Lee Hardcastle, who broke out with brief bit of claymation madness T IS FOR TOILET, which one the first ABCs OF DEATH 26th Director Competition, has a mind to craft a horror anthology all his own.

Hardcastle, who in the mean time has dropped a 22-minute sequel to TOILET (GHOST BURGER) and is developing MEGA EVIL MOTHERFUCKERS with filmmaker Ben Wheatley, has turned to Kickstarter to fund an omnibus horror film entitled SPOOK TRAIN. Envisioned as a 3D clayspoitation flick, SPOOK TRAIN will take audiences on the titular dark ride through ten splattery stories. Hardcastle notes, “Some stories are 15 minutes long while others are a quick punch to the groin at just 30 seconds.”

The filmmaker and his Missing Head, Ltd. are seeking to raise £40,000 in budget which, as outlined, will cover “DVD/Blu Ray distribution, kickstarter fees (8 – 10% in UK), props, art materials, sets, sound design fees, music composer fees and 24 months’ rent on a dedicated studio space.”

For more on this potentially really fun, really gooey project, see its teaser trailer below. If you’d like to contribute, or read further, see its pitch video and campaign at Kickstarter.

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