Lee Gambin has readers foaming at the mouth with his new book, “NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO”!


For those of you who may not know the Melbourne based, film historian, Lee Gambin has had his articles published on the pages of some of the greatest horror websites and magazines out there, including FANGORIA. His books, WE CAN BE WHO WE ARE: MOVIE MUSICALS OF THE 1970s, and MASSACRED BY MOTHER NATURE: EXPLORING THE NATURAL HORROR FILM, have been sold worldwide. Now, Gambin has his readers foaming at the mouth for more, and his newest behind-the-scenes book is sure to appease.

NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO, is the ultimate companion book to the 1983 Stephen King nail-bitter, CUJO; the terrifying tale of a mother and son held captive in a Ford Pinto by their rabid St. Bernard. By far one of the most highly regarded screen adaptations of King’s work, NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE, documents CUJO’s journey from script to screen in an in-depth study. Featuring thirty exclusive interviews and over two hundred never-before-seen production stills, this essential read for fans of the film will have them gasping for air…in excitement.

Throughout this scene-by-scene analysis, Gambin intertwines the voices of many cast and crew members involved in the making of the film; fully immersing his readers. Amongst those interviewed, Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Danny Pintauro, and director Lewis Teague, offered great insight into the roles they played, both behind and in front of the cameras. Gabmin even offers readers an inside look into the world of animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller, Danny Pintauro’s parents and the interesting accounts of Cujo fill-in, stuntman Gary Morgan.

NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO is now on available for presale and by clicking HERE you can pick up your copy! If you’re interested in checking out Gambin’s other work check out www.bearmanormedia.com and www.midmar.com. Also, look out for his entry in Centipede Press’s Studies in the Horror Film series on THE HOWLING, and his next book TONIGHT, ON A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE: A HISTORY OF SITCOMS THAT SOMETIMES GOT SERIOUS.

About the author
Adam Lee Price

Adam Lee Price has an intense love of horror films and has since being a child. This love of horror has led him to focus on a career in writing films for the next generation of genre fans. Adam has recently completed writing his first feature length horror screenplay entitled THE MASQUERADE. Now, he looks forward to the next chapter of his life working alongside great writers in the horror industry and at FANGORIA Magazine.

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