Lee Daniels To Tackle Real-Life Exorcism in “DEMON HOUSE”

Lee Daniels, the polarizing prestige filmmaker behind PRECIOUS, sweaty southern pulp THE PAPERBOY and last year’s LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER has turned an eye to horror. Daniels will direct DEMON HOUSE, a based-on-true-accounts exorcism tale culled from the experiences of Indiana resident Latoya Ammons and her family. 

Throughout late 2011 until June of 2012, Ammons, her children and her mother were subject to intense, supposed paranormal encounters in their Gary home. The frightening phenomena including swarms of flies in winter, shadowy figures, levitation and ultimately multiple possessions.

Clairvoyants posited the home overflowed with 200 demons, while the family’s physician witnessed one of the more violent levitations when Ammons’ possessed child was thrown, unaided and unprovoked against a wall. Later, more skeptical police officers and investigators from the Department of Child Services, who temporarily removed the children from the home, also witnessed strange and unexplainable events, including growling, eyes rolling back and one child walking backwards up a wall. Eventually, Merrillville priest Mike Maginot was consulted and requested to perform an exorcism. Maginot would go on to perform three consecutive exorcisms, the first ever sanctioned by Diocese of Gary Bishop Dale Melczek.

Of course, many believe a systematized delusion was underway, with the children coaxed to perform for their mother, an angle it would be surprising if Daniels didn’t confront. Jackson Nguyen, Todd Crites and their Turn Left are producing and financing.

For more on the real-life account, read this Indianapolis Star piece. [Deadline]

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