Last call of Cthulhu? Introducing Lovecraft beer!


Now you can really get drunk on H.P. Lovecraft: Rhode Island’s Narragansett brewery is honoring Providence’s eldritch author with a line of four new beers.

LOVECRAFTBEERNEWSBoston Magazine carried the story that Narragansett, in collaboration with Revival Brewing will start on January 19 (the birthday of Lovecraft influence Edgar Allan Poe) by issuing Lovecraft Honey Ale, crafted by brewmaster Sean Larkin with label artwork by A.J. Paglia. The ale is brewed with Summit and El Dolorado hops, honey and five different kinds of malt, including honey malt, and Narragansett president Mark Hellendrung says, “This one is really a prologue about H.P. Lovecraft himself. We picked one of his stories, ‘The Festival,’ where there’s a space mead consumed by a winged creature. What’s great about craft beer is that it’s really breaking the style boundaries and guidelines. So, this is Sean’s interpretation of a modern day honey mead through the medium of a beer.” Next up in April: Innsmouth Old Ale, featuring label art by The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s Jason Eckhardt. See the Lovecraft page at Narragansett’s website here.

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