LA! Arnold’s “END OF DAYS” Screening w/ Kevin Pollak this weekend

I wish END OF DAYS was a really good movie, and not just a goofy movie I really like. But there it is, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Capitalizing on the then-approaching millennium fervor and our collective love of the Devil, Peter Hyams’ 1999 action horror brought a host of things we treasure as a nation, together: Arnold Schwarzenegger, religious apocalypse, Kevin Pollak, breakfast shakes, Udo Kier, Christmastime in New York, smooth talking Satan. The list really goes on. Now, fourteen years from outdating itself, but no less entertaining or deserving of a December watch, the film is screening in 35MM at Los Angeles’ famed New Beverly theater with Pollak scheduled to attend!

Hosted by Badass Digest writer and Fango contributor Brian Collins, END OF DAYS unspools at midnight on Saturday, December 28. In the film, a depressed, retired detective Arnold Schwarzenegger contends with Satan-cum-Gabriel Byrne over the fate of Christine York (Robin Tunney), the woman selected to bear the Antichrist on New Year’s Eve 1999. If you’d like to attend (who wouldn’t?), you can purchase advanced tickets right here. No word if the New Beverly will be whipping up Arnold’s nutritious breakfast, but if not, I’ve cobbled together the recipe for your preparation.

End of Days Breakfast Shake

• 1 Cup, New York Cart Coffee

• 1/2 Cup, Pepto Bismol

• 1/4 Cup, Leftover Lager (Pour and let sit overnight)

• 1/2 Banana

• Whatever leftover Chinese takeout you may have

• 1 Slice of Pizza (Drop on floor, let sit overnight)

Blend Together. Tell Satan he’s a choir boy, while drinking.

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