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The 1989 film PET SEMATARY taught us many important lessons—some of which still give us nightmares to this day—with the biggest lesson being: “Sometimes dead is better.” Such is the case with the new feature film by award-winning filmmaker Dave Jackson, CAT SICK BLUES. When Ted’s beloved cat dies, the trauma triggers a terrible mental breakdown and in his anguish Ted vows to do anything to get his feline friend back, including kill for it.

Written by horror novelist Andrew Gallacher, CAT SICK BLUES is a deliciously strange and unconventional horror film that explores the grief felt when a loved one dies and if given the opportunity, would you do something horrible to get them back? Ted is given that opportunity in the form of nine human lives. Donning deadly cat claw gloves and a very ’50s beatnik black cat mask, the extremely unstable Ted goes on a feral rampage that is anything but humane.

“While I’ve never actually dressed up as a cat and gone on a murderous rampage,” says Director Dave Jackson, “CAT SICK BLUES is a very personal film for me. The death of a pet is something that I think almost everyone can relate to. It’s horrible. It’s like losing a part of yourself.”

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CAT SICK BLUES was originally filmed as a short film in 2013, which premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival of Montreal and played at many other festivals around the globe, including Freakemacine where it picked up the Jury Prize for Best Short Film. With the short’s success, Dave and Producer Matt Vaughan have now taken their vision to Kickstarter in hopes of producing the film as it was always meant to be—a feature horror film filled with practical effects and prosthetics.

“It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to make a horror feature full of prosthetic effects, but it’s taken me a long time to find an idea that I feel is worth putting all of my being into. CAT SICK BLUES is that film, and I’m so excited about making it,” exclaims Dave.

Described as being like MANIAC, but with no mannequins, more vats of blood and exploding cats, CAT SICK BLUES is the type of film that sounds ridiculous and has a very amusing premise but it is most definitely not a comedy.

“On the surface CAT SICK BLUES is a story about a serial killer deviant who dresses up as his dead cat and goes on a homicidal rampage,” says Producer/Lead Actor Matt Vaughan. “But if you scratch the surface, the film reveals itself to be a twisted nightmare about misplaced grief and the disconnectedness of modernity. Plus it has a massive strap-on feline phallus. So there’s that too.”

Mix in a beautiful cat lady love interest into the film (played by Scottish born actress Shian Denovan) and we have the makings for another great pet reanimation film.

CAT SICK BLUES’ Kickstarter runs until Thursday, September 25. To contribute visit their page at: http://kck.st/1qaTNhj And don’t forget to check out their trailer for their original short below!

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