Kevin Smith Preparing Monster Christ Horror Comedy, “HELENA HANDBAG”


There’s always a certain amount of skepticism towards a filmmaker who announces their retirement; after all, it’s against the nature of an artist to just stop making art altogether. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a filmmaker that’s as constantly active as Kevin Smith has formally delayed his retirement plans, and has already announced his next project following his former swan song, CLERKS 3.

While he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his horror film TUSK, starring Michael Parks, Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment, Smith recently announced on his flagship podcast, SModcast and Facebook that he’ll continue to make films “only [he] can make,” from now “until I drop dead.” Smith currently still has CLERKS 3 in development as his next film, presumably putting his miniseries HIT SOMEBODY in limbo, but has announced his following film is going to be a horror comedy in the vein of his most controversial picture, DOGMA.

Looking back onto his podcast (an episode titled, “The (C)Rapture,” specifically) as he did with TUSK, Smith is developing HELENA HANDBAG as his next film, which sounds like a cross between a kaiju film and THIS IS THE END. The film follows humankind after Jesus returns, only to see him grow and wreak havoc during the apocalypse as a giant version of himself. Befuddled and desperate, humankind teams with the forces of hell to bring down the rampant deity.

Briefly titled HOLY CHRIST!, Smith notes he chose the new moniker as its ambiguous and doesn’t prepare you for the final product.

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