Kevin Smith casts Krampus film “ANTI-CLAUS”; creature art emerges


Leaving comedy behind, Kevin Smith is continuing his commitment to horror by following TUSK with the holiday horror flick ANTI-CLAUS. Cast information has come down, along with a look at monster concept art.

XYZ Films announced today that it has picked up all international sales rights to ANTI-CLAUS, a Christmas chiller that will star TUSK cast members Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks. Jordan Monsanto, Andy McElfresh and Jennifer Schwalbach will producer for Smith’s SModcast Pictures, and Jason Mewes is the executive producer; Robert Kurtzman and his Creature Corps also return from TUSK to create the movie’s villain, the child-devouring Krampus of European folk legend (see concept art below).

“In America, we’re taught that nice kids gets presents from Santa and naughty kids get coal,” Smith says. “But in countries like Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Romania and Hungary, Christmas is more metal than merry: Saint Nicholas brings a sack full of toys for good kids and the Krampus carries an empty bag for taking away the bad kids. I wanna see that Christmas movie. So rather than wait for it, we’ll make it instead.

“When I was a kid, if they wanted to make a Christmas horror movie, they’d stick an axe in Santa’s hands,” he continues. “In ANTI-CLAUS, we leave Santa alone and creep with the Krampus through twisted tales of holly-jolly murder, desire, desperation and despair. Just in time for the holiday season.” The film begins shooting in September.


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  • Orpheus Spiliotopoulos

    Aw dear Kev, “Bavaria” is not a country. Either way, looking forward to this! :D

    • AlienJazzCat

      used to be its own Kingdom, around Krampus times (though I thought this was all much more a Hungarian thing). Agreed, looking forward to it

      • Orpheus Spiliotopoulos

        “Christmas IS more metal than merry”….Again, apologies but there is no country called “Bavaria”. xD But yeah, I know what you mean. Just felt the phrasing of it was a bit odd. lol

        • AlienJazzCat

          agreed, spoken phrasing often suffers from lack of editing. I just figured it was more likely he was talking about a long-lived country in the past, more than he actually believes he could find Bavaria as an independent state on the map today. I’d be super surprised if it turned out he thought Bavaria was a sovereign independent state, with its own miltary, foreign-policy, etc.. (even when considering he listed both Germany and Bavaria in the same breath)

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