Joel Silver to reboot “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK” with trilogy


The ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake/reboot has returned to rear its ugly head, and no longer are studios and producers banking on brand recognition for one opening weekend. 

Deadline is reporting that since New Line, who planned to remake the John Carpenter classic with Breck Eisner, has let the rights lapse, Silver Pictures and Studio Canal are locking themselves inside the futuristic Manhattan-turned-prison with the presumptuous goal of three new films. The trilogy will, of course, include an origin tale. The origin of Snake? Christ, the origin of his eye patch?

The original saw ultimate badass Snake Plissken break into the island of Manhattan to rescue the President from the prisoners and criminals that run the streets.

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  • skatexedge

    Why can’t they just leave classics alone? There is nothing they could do to improve on the original movie. All they are going to do is mess it up.

  • blindintx

    I think Dean Cain is available for the title role. It’s not like it’ll be good either way..

  • Ken W. Hanley

    My Questions:
    1. With what money? Isn’t Silver in crazy financial trouble after being dropped from his contract?
    2. Is Silver dependable? Considering the Box Office intake of BULLET TO THE HEAD, including the last minute changes that were directly a result of Silver that robbed people of a badass Tom Jane/ Sly Stallone team-up, I think fans and suits alike don’t trust him as much as he did in his LETHAL WEAPON days.
    Granted, there is a lot of potential in a NEW YORK remake, especially to cover the relationship between BRAIN and SNAKE pre-NY, and possibly the rise of the Duke as well (Wishful thinking says Michael K. Williams would be incredible). If they get a good director and cast, hell I’m all for it, but with Silver and the questionably dependable New Line, I’m cautiously neutral.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackie.jormpjomp.1 Jackie Jormpjomp

    I have nothing against remakes as a whole. There are some good remakes (Dawn of the Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers), some great productions based on material adapted many times (Dracula, dozens of Sherlock Holmes TV shows and movies), and some outright classics that improved on their earlier incarnations (Ben Hur, Wizard of Oz, Maltese Falcon). That being said there is no reason to make a new series of Plissken films when you’ve got Kurt Russell still very much capable of onscreen badassery. Yeah a reboot would probably make more money than a sequel, but do you fight the fights you can win or the ones worth fighting for? Russell back as Snake is a worthwhile argument to make.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brodsky.1 John Brodsky

    Let them re-make it. It shouldn’t make any difference to the fans of the original – we’ll always have the original to enjoy. If the new one “sucks” then so be it. That shouldn’t change the fact that the original is awesome nor should it hamper one’s enjoyment of the original. I would think that it would only heighten one’s love for the original.

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