Joe Dante Celebrated at Stanley Film Festival; Added Screenings & More!


As its second edition approaches, the Stanley Film Festival—that which is held at the historic hotel which inspired THE SHINING—is seeking to carve itself as more than just a slate of films, but a full on celebration of genre and atmosphere. Beyond its stacked lineup of current festival favorites, the Stanley is hosting panels, live performance and even retrospective looks at the likes of EYES WIDE SHUT and GREMLINS, the latter of which will coincide with a Master of Horror Award presented by Mick Garris (whose SLEEPWALKERS is also showing) to the great Joe Dante.

Furthermore, the Stanley will see Glass Eye Pix’s Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid bring their acclaimed audio drama series and its live counterpart to Colorado. While such has been known since the festival’s first announcement, the cast of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE: The Stanley Edition has now been revealed, and it’s something to be thrilled about. The Stanley Edition of the auditory descent into terror will feature AJ Bowen (THE SACRAMENT), DEAD SNOW; RED VS. DEAD’s Martin Starr and Jocelyn DeBoer, Ana Ansensio and of course Fessenden.

“Our festival is a celebration of horror in all its forms, with live performance being chief among events to get excited about. The eerie atmosphere of the Historic Park Theatre will provide the perfect backdrop to perform the Stanley’s very first live radio play,” says Stanley Film Festival Program Director, Landon Zakheim. “Larry Fessenden, Glenn McQuaid and their troupe of players bring a tremendous sense of creativity and talent that will make this one of a kind experience a highlight for years to come.”

The fest’s panels have been revealed and include a spectrum look at the state of the genre with insight from guests such as Ti West, Fessenden, producer Travis Stevens, Elijah Wood, writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour and more.


Saturday, April 26 1:30pm

In a genre often clogged with cliche and camp, new auteurs emerge with gruesome ideas and innovative executions that keep the horror alive. Learn secrets of the shoestring trade and production horror stories from those who lived to tell the tales.

PANELISTS: Ti West (The Sacrament), Larry Fessenden (Tales From Beyond The Pale, Wendingo), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead, Tales From Beyond The Pale), Travis Stevens (Cheap Thrills, Jodorowsky’s Dune, Starry Eyes)

MODERATOR: Ryan Turek (Shock Till You Drop)


Saturday, April 26 3:00pm

Founded in 2010 by partners Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, SpectreVision is a film production and music management company created to tell heartfelt, character-driven stories tackling real, social and emotional issues that test the boundaries of the horror genre.

PANELISTS: Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, Josh Waller, Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night), Craig MacNeill (The Boy)

MODERATOR: Devin Faraci (Badass Digest)


Saturday, April 26 12:00pm

Get to know the buyers, sellers, distributors, and exhibitors of the finest in world horror as they discuss the realities of peddling genre cinema in today’s climate.

PANELISTS: James Shapiro (Drafthouse Films), Peter Van Steemburg (Magnolia Pictures) Crystal Decker Orren (Well Go USA Entertainment)

MODERATOR: Ryland Aldrich (Twitch)

Finally, Fango and Shock Till You Drop’s DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT will also be leaving its homestate behind for a Stanley Edition. If you’re attending the fest, and we really hope you are, you can find all sign up info here.

For more on the Stanley and its great lineup of films and events, visit the official site. To find out what exactly its audience, filmmakers and attending journalists are getting ourselves into in terms of atmosphere, see my talk with the Stanley Hotel’s Ryan Gaterman on its haunted history here.

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