Jason Returns in 2015! New “FRIDAY THE 13TH” Film Dated


One of the biggest pieces of news in horror this year was the return of FRIDAY THE 13TH and beloved slasher Jason Voorhees to Paramount Pictures. Considering its been four years since the 2009 remake and the series rights reverting stipulated a deadline, many believed it was only a matter of time before a new film was announced. It seems that time has come. 

While no other details—including whether or not this will be a follow-up to the 2009 FRIDAY THE 13TH starring Derek Mears—are available, Paramount Pictures will release a new installment in the long running series on Friday March 13, 2015. We’re just over a year and three months away from Jason’s return. Now the question is, how will they pay homage to the 30th anniversary of Roy the Medic’s reign of terror (h/t Brian Collins)?

Keep an eye on FANGORIA for more as this develops.

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  • Bryan Fortin

    Get the girls back! Amy Steel, Dana Kimmell, Kimberly Beck

  • Luke Hoare

    Awesome news! Looking forward to it already!

  • Mean Joe Green

    Please, yes. I want a Jason flick every 6 months if possible.

    • Brandon Dvorak

      Sunday the 15TH

  • Ronald Emerson

    I’m torn between Derek Mears and Kane Hodder. Yeah yeah, complain here, but it’s a new era and Derek has the right to continue. Met the man and he’s awesome. I’m just tired of a new actor every movie. However, Kane is solid (met him also), but in his book…he misses Jason, but is happy with Hatchet. I’d love to see it be between the two and no one else. Am I alone with this thought?

  • DJ Shamrock

    I want a prequel to Jason X. I want to see him climb up out of the ground after being pulled down by demons. Give more back story on his Mom messing with Witchcraft. :]

  • Evil B.

    That’s great news. On the one hand I doubt it will be a direct follow up after this time, but a reboot right after a reboot seems unlikely too. Maybe some sort of standalone story?

  • SweetCyn

    As a great man often says…YES! YES! YES!

  • Darrell Lane

    I actually have the neon green issue of Fangoria that spotlights the then new Friday the 13th-Part VII: The New Blood. I saw all but number 1 in theaters as well. My Favorite Jason is, of course, Kane Hodder, but my favorite Friday is number six. Derek Mears was awesome so I’m down with either actor. Now, I’m not down with a found-footage film (please stop the madness) and I’d rather we do a standalone film or a sequel that fits between Freddy VS Jason and Jason X. And if you haven’t seen Hatchet III where Kane and Derek face-off, albeit briefly, then you’re not a true horror fan. And let’s bring back Harry Manfredini’s chilling soundtrack as well. Until then: ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma…

  • daniel clavette

    i love to see some cast from the friday the 13 th (2009)_ returning for the sequels in 2015.

  • Weyland

    It should be a sequel to Manhattan with radioactive Jason…….or one in the snow where he kills ice skaters and hockey players.

  • Mark

    Remeber its another remake amd found footage film! Pure shit. As a die hard jason fan this is horrible news. Founs footage is horrible. Plus those movies have NO MUSICAL SCORE IN THEM. this movke will bomb and i hope it does. They dont give a shit about the fans and the franchise to make this crap! Make a sequel to the remake or a sequel to the original paramount series. But to make a old dated found footage film? Wow. Bomb bomb bomb. Anyone who agrees shohld tweet brad fuller and paramount pics and say HELL NO TO FOUND FOOTAGE! CMON PEOPLE! WAKE UP. DONT LET THEM RUIN OUR FAV FRANCHISE!

  • Harlems Relly Rell

    yeah hatchet was a good movie he played in. you can tell he misses jason. kane hodder was the best jason. derek is good cause they didnt need much body material to make him look real scarey hes already big just like him playing in hatchet lol.. its like kane hodder, killed robert england in the first hatchet. then kills candy man todd something in part 2. the 3rd one was derek.. i here the new jason will be in the snow so we will get a good movie!!

  • Brandon Dvorak

    I think a prequel would be cool

  • tommy444

    I hope they make it old school ,dark and scary…..lol….the newer ones look funny….

  • Dominic Powell

    Two major things peopel who’ve already been in the vorhees franchise cannot come back again if they dead lol and two is they can’t have old people have to be able to have fresh new young crazy wild teens you knoe… That’s how people get more fans just don’t recycle the same stuff

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