Jason comes home? “FRIDAY THE 13TH” rights return to Paramount


Just below this story lies the new trailer for INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, a film appropriately (given its frightful nature) releasing this September on Friday the 13th. While that date sadly won’t be bringing a new Jason Voorhees film, is it possible 2014′s will?

The Hollywood Reporter has published a piece which reveals in Warner Bros. partnering with Paramount Pictures on the upcoming Christopher Nolan sci-fi film INTERSTELLAR, the cost was relinquishing the rights to one of horror’s most beloved series. The FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, which were taken to New Line Cinema by Sean Cunningham in the 1990s and subsequently became part of Warners (as New Line did), saw the absolute best entries under Paramount. That studio retained a certain set of rights that required a 50-50 partnership which apparently became a languishing factor in developing a sequel to the 2009 reboot (from Platinum Dunes and director Marcus Nispel).

It’s reported Paramount, who has not yet commented, now has five years to launch a new FRIDAY film, which seems more than enough time. Will we finally see a proper return for Jason?

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  • Jason Parker


  • Jason Williams

    2009 was a major let down compared to the 1980 let’s hope this will be better!

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    There wasn’t anything wrong with the most recent Friday flick. Many of the original Fridays are not pinnacles of cinema, or even the drive-in. Like the other Fridays it was flawed but entertaining. There were some good ones, and some bad ones. Paramount has always thumbed their nose at the lucrative Friday franchise so their getting the rights again is like being sent to live with family you had escaped from. But who knows, maybe be of the studio execs is a generation x Crystal Lake fan.

  • Lifeforce

    Great news. New Line showed their disdain for the fans with their 3 horrible Jason movies. Good parts aside, the movies suck. A new one should pick up in New York City. The lazy remake should also be forgotten. (worst crime was the lack of creative deaths)

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