Jason Blum: Expect “A Ton of Answers” From “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5”

Earlier this year, when spin-off/sidequel PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES hit, it looked like the next proper installment of the series was set for October. That outline was surprisingly upended however when Paramount took to CineEurope (a major theater convention) and announced not only would PARANORMAL ACTIVITY take this fall off, but 2015’s as well. For a series of films that’s become infamous for a hyperquick turnaround, what could be developing  for a fifth feature that’s now expected in 2016? According to producer Jason Blum, “a ton of answers.”

Speaking to Total Film, Blum revealed that the development of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 has brought the realization that the films’ slow roll of what exactly is going on has been frustrating for fans.

When asked what audiences can expect from the upcoming installment, he says, “You can expect a ton of answers. We had a lot of conversations about the mythology in PARANORMAL and one of the things that I was happy—there’s kind of a group of us that gets together and develops each one of these movies. There was a decision that a lot of fans were tired of only getting little snippets of information. So we’re going to answer almost every possible question that one could have about the mythology of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.”

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily prime PARANORMAL 5 as a finale. Blum continues, “During that time we were developing, someone said ‘Well, what are we going to do for PARANORMAL 6?’ Happily, I got the room to agree we would worry about that later. I wanted to apply the same philosophy to the first movie that we did to the fifth, which was ‘Let’s make a great movie that answers everything, that’s really good, and go from there.’”

While the energetic MARKED ONES certainly did its part to reveal a good portion of how PARANORMAL’s coven of witches works, its film-ending twist sure did open a whole other kooky can of worms. Will 2016 bring a satisfactory answer to all? How will the antique, expensive fork from PARANORMAL 4 factor in?

For more of Total Film’s talk with Blum, see the video below where he also mentions his hope to see PURGE prequel that follows the first execution of the annual crime-ridden event.

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