Ithaca Fantastic Festival: “BLOODY KNUCKLES” producers talk their next feature “CHLOE AND ATTIE”


With the gonzo horror/comedy BLOODY KNUCKLES playing as part of this week’s Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival in Ithaca, NY, FANGORIA has some words with two of that film’s team on their next, deadly serious project.

We spoke with KNUCKLES producer Daniel Domachowski and cinematographer Scooter Corkle at this past summer’s Fantasia festival in Montreal, where their movie CHLOE AND ATTIE was one of the projects being pitched at the Frontières International Co-Production Market. Corkle scripted and will direct the film and Domachowski will produce, based on the short of the same title (which you can watch below), which was created for 2009’s Bloodshots Canada 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge. “You got a subgenre and a weapon and a death, and you had to follow those rules,” Corkle tells Fango. “We created CHLOE AND ATTIE to be a very slow, quiet, creepy movie, outside of the usual 23 splatter movies that usually screen, when everybody’s drunk and screaming and yelling and having so much fun. We just wanted to take that right out of the equation and try to creep everybody out, and we succeeded and won anything. Then it kind of became bigger than life, and had its own career on the festival circuit.”

“We spent the next four years trying to figure out a story” for a feature version, Domachowski adds, “and we finally came up with something. So far, the script has gotten some amazing feedback.”

The unusual titular protagonists are 63-year-old identical twins, whom the duo hope will be played by the short’s Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins. The feature scenario begins in the 1950s, with Chloe and Attie as 14-year-olds. “They move to a small polygamist utopia,” Corkle explains, “trying to avoid a supernatural incident involving Attie, who has psychokinetic powers. That village kind of swallows their innocence and they end up destroying their whole family, and then we pick up in the present.”

“They receive a letter from someone from that utopia,” Domachowski continues, “which sends Chloe and Attie on a quest for vengeance. It’s purely a revenge tale, and more of a drama with horror and fantasy elements on top of it—pretty much like BLACK SWAN or LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.”

“When we made the short,” Corkle adds, “everybody responded to the idea of these two 63-year-old women killing people. But it’s kind of a hollow idea to just have these older women as murderers, so we’ve built in a whole dramatic backstory for them, so it’s not just people killing each other. It’s very visceral, and it’s also about innocence lost.”

In addition to the leads, Corkle and Domachowski note there are other crucial parts to be filled as well. “The younger versions of the twins are nice, juicy roles,” Corkle says, “and then there’s Truman Spencer, the cult’s tyrannical leader with 13 wives. His hunger for control is only eclipsed by the fact that even with all those wives, he has only been able to produce one son, Barlow—whom Chloe falls in love with in the ’50s. Truman is a big, big character, and could be played by someone like Michael Shannon or Guy Pearce or even Jim Carrey. That’s kind of who we’re thinking about, and I believe the script is cool enough and unique enough that it’ll attract somebody like that.”

You can keep up with CHLOE AND ATTIE developments at its Facebook page. KNUCKLES plays this Saturday, November 15 at the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (for which this writer is one of the judges), which runs this Wednesday-Sunday, November 12-16; see its official site here.

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