Housecore Horror Film Festival Announces First Wave of Acts; EXCL Comments from Phil Anselmo


A few weeks ago, we reported on Housecore’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 40th Anniversary event, and if that didn’t already have you jotting down the 23rd – 26th of October in your diaries, then this may provide the extra push needed.

Norwegian black metal legends SATYRICON will also be in attendance, along with EYEHATEGOD, who have just released their new album (also through Housecore Records). A little further down the bill is the FANGORIA hot tip, and that’s for AUTHOR & PUNISHER aka Tristan Shone, whose set (and equipment) has to be seen to be believed. Constructing industrial, pneumatic devices which create unearthly and terrifying compositions, AUTHOR & PUNISHER will definitely strike a chord, for he is an ungodly hybrid of TETSUO and Trent Reznor. Check out an archive studio shoot of Shone at work, below.

More classic death metal, courtesy of MACABRE will be showcased along with the insane deathgrind of CATTLE DECAPITATION, and bands such as WARBEAST, who do a great line in tracks about werewolves, means that regardless of whether you’re already a metal head or not, there will be an extremely intriguing array of artists. This will allow casual fans, as well as the die-hards, to experience some of these acts in a setting that is unique to the Housecore Horror Film Festival.

We caught up with the head of Housecore to discuss his love of all things horror, and he had this to say on the subject of the upcoming event: “I don’t have ‘em yet, but I’m sure that as time creeps closer I’ll get those proverbial butterflies.” reveals Anselmo in his trademark Southern drawl, each word considered with equal importance. “I think that we have all of our ducks lined up in a row, and it’s gonna be a blast, man. We’ve got a great lineup of films and special guests in the works. The new films we have from unknown artists and directors that are going to be fresh; they’re special. We’ve stuff that we’ve received, submission wise, that we’re gonna turn onto the big time horror film fans. There’s also the bands for God’s sakes, you can’t overlook them. It’s a huge undertaking to a certain degree, but I think everybody’s up to task. We’ve a good team and everybody’s been working really hard to get to this particular point.”

With his associates Niclaus Brown, Tammy Moore and Corey Mitchell working year round to help bring Housecore Horror Film Festival to life, it’s a full time job, but one thing that Anselmo assures us is that this is an event which is organized by horror fans for horror fans.

“That’s exactly how it is,” confirms Anselmo, “because I’m not a great business mind, or business person at all. I’m a horror film fan and I’m a music fan and really, the way this thing came together was so that a lot of bands, personalities, or anyone who wanted to be a part of it could be. It was more a labour of love, and wanting to be a part of it; that for me is the big payoff. It’s tough to put into words, but you work so hard in the music industry to keep your name out there, and to be visually there for your fans. with all the touring and stuff like that. You meet hundreds upon hundreds of bands along the way, and you form these relationships. You may not see these people for a couple of years, but then you run into them at some festival in Europe or something and you pick up where you left off. That’s always a true sign of brotherhood and it’s amazing to have all of my contemporaries and peers within the industry step forward and want to be a part of it.”

Known and lauded in the music world since bursting onto the scene with PANTERA, Anselmo is now finding himself a reputation as a true aficionado and scholar of horror.

“To be recognised by the horror community as a champion of that particular genre is another big thing for me, it warms my heart personally.” he concludes, “When you’ve been in the business for almost thirty years, this is a big payoff.”

Last year, the event featured one of the swansong performances from GWAR, as well as being the first US event to book GOBLIN to play SUSPIRIA as a live score. The majority of screenings were on 35mm, and there were no remakes allowed in the door!

This is only the first wave of bands to be announced and we’ll be the first to keep you posted as more guests, screenings and events are revealed. Find out more about The Housecore Horror Film Festival, which takes place across several venues in Austin, Texas from Oct 23rd-26th, at their Official SiteFacebook, and Twitter. For more, see our gallery of Goblin’s performance in 2013, courtesy of photographer Renne Robyn, here.

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