Horror Shop presents Five for Frightening: Iconic Horror Characters!

With the new year almost two months behind us, horror fans are already hard at work at making 2016 their most fright-filled year yet. Luckily, the frightening folks over at the Germany-based Horror Shop know that horror fandom is a year-round affair, offering decorations, costumes and accessories to help celebrate Halloween every day. Now, Horror Shop and FANGORIA are coming together to highlight five fright icons who are not only essential figures in horror history, but can have their look remarkably replicated via Horror Shop’s incredible inventory.

  1. Freddy Krueger


Perhaps the most significant horror icon since the Universal Monsters, Freddy Krueger was original, terrifying and unique, offering a boogeyman that was both fantastical and oddly domestic in nature. Sadistic and yet with an appealing dark energy, Krueger brought horror into the suburbs, and with his burned visage, red-and-green sweater and knife-laden glove, there’s few frighteners as instantly recognizable in pop culture.


  1. Leatherface


A raw force of brutality and terror, Leatherface hit the horror scene unforgettably in THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, and his unorthodox methods of dispatching his victims shocked audiences around the country. Over 40 years later, Leatherface remains visceral nightmare fuel as his look and weaponry evolves for each passing generation.


  1. Pinhead


One of the most stylized horror icons, Pinhead’s association with sadomasochism and the consequence of forbidden desire redefined the horror genre for a younger, taboo-pushing audience. And while Pinhead’s legacy includes dismemberment and torture, Pinhead’s viciousness is as essential to the character as his leather-clad, self-mutilated design.


  1. Michael Myers


Simple and yet oh so terrifying, fright fans all over the world still adore Michael Myers, dressing up as the slasher icon on Halloweens even nearly 40 years after making his demented debut. And if Michael Myers can strike fear with a William Shatner mask and a jumpsuit, the HALLOWEEN killer served as an inspiration for almost every masked murderer to hit the screen since.


  1. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


FANGORIA wouldn’t dare list off five horror icons without giving some love to the most recognizable and beloved female in the genre. Hilarious, voluptuous and a lover of the lurid, Elvira helped make the genre accessible for a new generation and provided a proud fright figure for female horror hounds around the world.

You can check out more awesome post-Halloween horror decorations and accessories at Horror-Shop.com, and don’t forget to tell ’em FANGORIA sent ya!

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