Horror Game Director Mathieu Cote talks “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” design, console release


DEAD BY DAYLIGHT first reached fright fans via Steam in 2016. Players flocked to the horror game’s PC release on June 14th, and the game went on to make a huge imprint in the video game industry selling over 1.8 million copies. Throughout the past year, the creators have debuted several add-ons and chapters to the game including a HALLOWEEN chapter released last October. Keeping the momentum going, the DEAD BY DAYLIGHT team is prepping the console release for June 19th just past its one year anniversary mark. The game is already available for pre-order and will be in stores next week!

Game Director of DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Mathieu Cote gave us some insight regarding how the game came about, what to expect with the new console release, and what to look out for in the future.

FANGORIA: DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is a dark, brutal game. What inspired the idea for it and the characters?

Cote: Well, the core mechanic was always going to be hide and seek. That primal terror of hiding from an overwhelming force. We thought it would fit very well with old-school slashers from the 80’s. We all grew up on those movies where the emphasis was put on the tension and the anticipation of the violence more than on the graphic depictions. Lately, we’ve broadened our range to go look into other cultures for anything that scares people and all other sorts of nightmare archetypes.

For our survivors, we wanted to get away from the clichés found in most horror films and have a range of very real, believable people. We want players to feel that these are just regular folks and that in the end, it could be them, in there.

FANGORIA: Each level and is very unique with different obstacles and hiding places. How long does it take to generate a new level or location? Can you give us an overview of the process?

Cote: Creating a brand new location with its own unique elements takes about two months, from concept to final testing. We start by gathering reference pictures for inspiration. At the same time, our level designers create gameplay spaces using grey boxes to test the new types of play areas we want to introduce. When we’re happy with the direction and everyone is on board with the vision, we create a couple of specific concept art pieces. This is to make sure that the artists who will turn the grey boxes into final models with textures know exactly what the final product should look like.

Then we play in the new maps, a lot. And we tweak it and balance it until we think it’s fun.

FANGORIA: I love how the game gives players the chance to play as a survivor or as a killer. It may sound easier to kill than to escape, but the survivors seem to have the upper hand with strength in numbers and being able to hide. Will there ever be any additions to make the killer more agile and stealthy?

Cote: Each new killer we bring into our world comes with new ways to hunt and new powers they can use to mess with the survivors. Some are stealthy and subtle, other are much more direct and brutal. All of our game mechanics are constantly being monitored and discussed with the community to make sure that the very delicate balance of this asymmetrical game is kept as sharp as possible. With each new chapter, we bring in more survivor perks too. The strategies in the game keep evolving and changing so killers and survivors need to stay on their toes.

FANGORIA: DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is set to hit consoles this month. Are there any special perks or levels for the console edition?

Cote: The console version is a very special edition of the game. It comes with everything from the base game, obviously, along with the first two cosmetic packs (“The 80’s suitcase” and “The bloodstained sack”) and three full chapters (“The last breath”, “Of flesh and mud” and “Spark of madness”). The Halloween chapter will be released soon after launch.


FANGORIA: What’s next for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and its crew? Do you have any other projects in the works?

Cote: The game is still very much alive and we intend to keep the players surprised and excited. We have more stories to tell, more killers and survivors to introduce to the world, more features to add. We’re getting better at balancing the powers and perks and we will continue to tweak them. We’re also growing our community support group.

As far as the rest of Behaviour digital… we have quite a few surprises in the works. We are making games that we want to play, our way.

Stay tuned here at FANGORIA.com for our conversation with DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Creative Director Dave Richard, coming soon!

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