“HOLY GHOST PEOPLE’s” Mitchell Altieri reveals next Butcher Brothers movie, plus new “RAISED BY WOLVES” poster


While discussing his new cult chiller HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (pictured) with Fango for a feature story to appear at this site on Friday, director Mitchell Altieri gave us the scoop about his next project as one of The Butcher Brothers, and he also passed on the new poster for his upcoming film RAISED BY WOLVES.

As the Butcher Brothers, Altieri and Phil Flores previously wrote and directed the unusual vampire thriller THE HAMILTONS, its Britain-set sequel THE THOMPSONS and the biker-horror flick THE VIOLENT KIND. Their next film together, Altieri says, will be in a lighter vein. “We’ll be shooting it this year, though we don’t have a title for it yet,” he tells us. “It’s kind of a horror/comedy about these two guys who are trying to make a movie, and end up doing it in all the wrong ways. They want to make a horror film and decide to make things as realistic as possible, but they don’t necessarily think everything through, and they cross the line into doing illegal stuff, and it basically just snowballs until they’re in way over their heads.”

Obviously, the concept of two friends making fright flicks together struck a chord with Altieri, though he notes that the project has gone through some changes from the initial concept. “When the writers and producers came to us to direct the movie, it had more of a serious tone,” he reveals. “The two guys were a little more sinister, and I was like, ‘You know, I’m not sure I want to enter that realm.’ But then we brainstormed about it, and thought, ‘Well, if we could make it a bit lighter…’ You know, just being in this business, you talk to all these guys like Ti West and Adam Wingard, and making independent horror films is one of the craziest things you can do. It’s just wild, and kind of outrageous.”

Before that, Altieri is putting the finishing touches on RAISED BY WOLVES, a Butcher Brothers project he directed right after HOLY GHOST PEOPLE from a script he wrote with Flores and Cory Knauf. This one’s a found-footage frightfest about a group of extreme skateboarders who decide to check out an abandoned pool on a remote farm, where they’re terrorized by the spirit of a demonic cult leader. See the trailer below the poster.


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