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Attention all Supa Commandos – Fangoria and “Da Best of Da Best movies!” needs your help!

Wakaliga, Uganda… Deep in the cradle of the Nile basin, hidden in slum streets without consistent electricity, sewage systems or hot water is the shining future of action/horror cinema. It’s not Hollywood, not Bollywood, not even Nollywood– this is Wakaliwood, an almost unbelievable off-the-grid do-it-yourself film studio in the ghetto outside the Ugandan capital of Kampala, where a dedicated and growing collective of self-trained kung-fu artists, aspiring actors, crafty mechanics, and neighborhood kids have built a wild new movie mecca under the leadership of self-taught writer/director/editor Nabwana IGG and his company Ramon Film Productions.

The Wakaliwood crew crafts totally outrageous and exhilaratingly feature-length action movies for budgets of around $200 US apiece, including WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? UGANDA’S FIRST ACTION MOVIE. With car and dirt bike chases, massive gunfights, suspiciously CG helicopters, the destruction of Kampala, Katz’s Deli, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower (also CG) and plenty of reckless stunts, Wakaliwood movies are exploding with energy but made under conditions most struggling film school grads can’t imagine – homebuilt computers, scrap metal tripods, real blood and an unconquerable spirit.

There is no functional film industry in Uganda, at least not for anyone outside the wealthy top 5%. No film distribution, no funding sources, no movie theatres in the ghetto (Nabwana IGG has never been inside one in his life), just a bunch of broke dreamers making “da best of da best movies!!” however they possibly can.

PLEASE! Watch this video from Wakaliwood’s recent, successful Kickstarter campaign and you’ll understand why Fangoria is excited…

Wakaliwood and IGG’s Ramon Film Productions have invited FANGORIA to fly to Africa and document the Wakaliwood world takeover firsthand. Keep in mind this is 2015’s cinematic Wild West – no rules, no oversight, a free-for-all at the forefront of true DIY genre filmmaking. It’s possible we will be killed or eaten! Onscreen, certainly. But possibly for real – one Wakaliwood film in the works is EATEN ALIVE IN UGANDA, probably the only cannibal/zombie film of the last 50 years made by people who have never seen, let alone heard of, Cannibal Holocaust or even Night of the Living Dead. Eli Roth can dream about jungle cannibal mayhem all he wants, but Uganda is a place where cannibalism still exists for real, and zombies are an active, relevant superstition that people believe in.

But this crazy trip costs money. Fangoria writer David Bertrand is looking to round up $2500 to cover expenses and put the spotlight on the dark continent’s craziest contemporary cinema. By opening the doors to genre film fans worldwide, we can help the Wakaliwood crew build a sustainable industry, and allow more of their films to be internationally distributed – a big win for everyone. Any additional funds earned beyond travel expenses will be funneled directly into the Wakaliwood Kickstarter fund. Bertrand aims to return the favor to anyone with donations over $20 with a perk or two, including possibly Wakaliwood movie posters and “Ugandan Action Film Star” shirts straight from the source.

Donations can be made via PayPal at zombimedia@gmail.com. Please include your name and contact information, so we can thank you properly after the trip is concluded (planned for May/June 2015). In the meantime, check out these trailers from Wakaliwood / Ramon Film Productions:







WAKALIWOOD WEBSITE (the photo gallery is a must!): http://watch.wakaliwood.com/

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