Help get “ZOMBI HOLOCAUST” remastered on UK Blu-ray!


Britain’s 88 Films has been busy issuing assorted horror and exploitation favorites on Blu-ray, including films from the Troma and Charles Band stables. Now they’re embarking on a major Italian-horror project, and are seeking fan support.

The 88 Films team is looking to remaster Marino Girolami’s jungle gorefest ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (which was cut and Frankensteined into DR. BUTCHER M.D. for its U.S. release) and issue it on an extras-packed Blu-ray. Their goal is to give the original uncut camera negative a shot-by-shot high-definition upgrade, and release this transfer with the original Italian audio (accompanied by newly created subtitles) plus a restored English dub track. The movie will be accompanied by 88 Films and High Rising Productions’ feature-length documentary EATEN ALIVE! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM, featuring interviews with directors Umberto Lenzi, Ruggero Deodato and Sergio Martino, actors Robert Kerman, Me Me Lai and Giovanni Lombardo Radice and many others.

An Indiegogo page has been set up to raise funds for the project, offering perks such as 88 Films discs (including early copies of 42ND STREET MEMORIES, a documentary about the glory days of the legendary Deuce) and other merch, screen credit, etc. Once the campaign concludes a month from now, the company anticipates delivery of the final product in April. Find out more about 88 Films at its official website.

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