“GOD OF BLADES” fantasy/horror e-book now on-line


The popular iOS/Android fantasy/horror game GOD OF BLADES has expanded into other media, and the first in new trilogy of enhanced e-book tie-ins is now available that sheds further light into its darkness.

GODOFBLADESHANDNEWSGOD OF BLADES, the inaugural title from White Whale Games, is a side-scrolling adventure in which players take the role of a spectral king battling the members of the Cult of the Hidden Star and the cosmic horrors they serve. The e-book triptych, titled THE SONG OF THE NAMELESS KING, developed with Django Media and written by acclaimed author Greg Moller, delves into the youth of that hero, unlocks hidden in-game content (including new weapons) and offers behind-the-scenes video on the game’s creation. The first installment, HAND OF THE SABLE KING, is available via iTunes; GOD OF BLADES can be found at iTunes and Google Play.

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